Is HelloFresh GMO free? (+7 Pros of non-GMOs)

This post will explain if HelloFresh is GMO free. We will also be checking out the advantages or benefits of consuming GMO free foods in your diet. Finally, we will be mentioning the essential features that every meal-kit delivery service needs to have in order to be successful and effective. HelloFresh uses fresh and healthy produce, and thus is highly-rated in the industry today.

Is HelloFresh GMO free?

No, HelloFresh is not GMO free. While this meal-kit delivery service certainly uses many organic and GMO free products, not all the meal-kits are filled like this. HelloFresh, however, ensures that many clean 15 ingredients, such as avocado, sweet peas, onions and pineapple are used frequently in the preparation of the meal-kits.

Benefits of consuming GMO free foods

GMO refers to genetically modified organisms and these are making their way into our daily lives on a pretty regular basis. The purpose of these foods is to mainly prevent disease and even infections by fungi and insects that can be unhealthy for the customers. Still, many people prefer to consume GMO free foods, as they can bring numerous benefits, such as,

They are all natural

GMO free foods are completely natural. You can expect the same taste from these veggies and fruits as our ancestors did. GMO free foods are thus superb for anyone who is following a paleo diet which brings only natural ingredients to the table.

GMO free foods can be a lot fresher

GMO free foods are certainly a lot fresher. Foods that are genetically modified are modified in such a manner that they remain fresh even for weeks without any preservation methods. However, since GMO free foods are bound to rot naturally at their pace, they are rotated constantly and thus, you will be ensured that you are getting the very best produce.

Less consumption of toxic chemicals

GMO foods are sometimes pumped with many substances and chemicals to boost their immunity to different infections and diseases. However, these can be toxic for the people who are eating them and can even be cancerous. Hence, staying away from GMO foods can lead to a lesser consumption of toxic chemicals.

GMO free foods are environment-friendly

GMO free foods are definitely environment friendly. They are completely natural, in their original states, which is great for the earth. Foods that are genetically modified on the other hand can contain a lot of toxins that can be bad for the earth as well.

They are free from hormones

GMO foods, many times contain hormones and antibiotics that help diseases and infections stay away from them. These may be great for the veggies and the fruits, but can be harmful for humans if ingested in large amounts. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are preferring non-GMO foods in their diets.

They can be allergy free

GMO free foods are also better for people who have a large number of allergies. Allergens can be present in all types of genes and in case one is inserted into a non-allergic product, the latter can become allergic to certain people as well. Therefore, those who are allergic to many foods stay away from GMOs to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

They don’t lead to risks in health

While GMOs are usually touted to be healthy, they may contain substances and chemicals that can be carcinogenic in nature. They also can increase the resistance to certain antibiotics, and thus, they may decrease the abilities for certain medications to work.

Essential features of meal-kit delivery services

Meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh, Freshly and EveryPlate, are definitely popular. While some are a hit with customers, others turn out to be disastrous fails for investors. While creating a meal-kit delivery service, certain essential features need to be included that can make it successful. These features have been shared in the section below.

  • The meal-kit delivery service needs to use the right ingredients in order to guarantee quality, safety as well as taste for the customer. This means that the produce needs to be free of any harmful chemicals while the meat needs to come from grass-fed and injection free animals.
  • The recipes in the meal-kits also need to be very simple and pretty easy for any level of cook to follow. The recipe cards should also mention the various utensils and the equipment that the customer needs in order to cook the meal.
  • There also needs to be various categories of meal-kits that the customer can choose from. For example, in HelloFresh, the customer can choose from meal kits that contain only vegetables, both meat and vegetables and even seafood.
  • There should also be meal kits that serve special dietary needs, such as keto diets, vegan diets and paleo diets. Customers should also be able to find meal kits for health needs and allergies, like weight loss meal kits, dairy-free meal kits and even gluten-free meal kits. Many meal kit services use the knowledge of nutritionists for this purpose.

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This post has explained if HelloFresh is GMO free. We have also checked out the advantages or benefits of consuming GMO free foods in your diet. Finally, we have mentioned the essential features that every meal-kit delivery service needs to have in order to be successful and effective.

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