Is Gravy a sauce? (7+ types of gravy sauce)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is Gravy a sauce? We will teach you how to make gravy sauce, according to three popular recipes, but also describe the 8 versions of gravy sauce that are easy to make and absolutely delicious. 

Is Gravy a sauce?

Yes, gravy is a very popular sauce in the US and often used in the UK. There are many options. Basically, this sauce is made from the fat from the steak, hardened with a spoonful of flour. We will show below a simple and not very healthy version of steak sauce and 2 much better variants, which belong to some very well-known chefs – Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

Option 1 – the basic gravy sauce

This is the simplest steak sauce and it looks a lot like a roast from us. We have 3 ingredients: butter, flour, and meat or vegetable soup. We mix them, we serve.  But, as you’ve probably heard, the aunt is not very good for your health.

Option 2 – Gravy sauce from Jamie Oliver

You need more time and many more ingredients. Vegetables – onions, carrots; spices – rosemary and sage; meat – chicken wings and bacon. All are fried in the oven first. Then add water and let it boil together. In the end, drain the sauce and discard the rest of the ingredients. The sauce can be made before and on the day of serving to heat with the steak.

Option 3 – Gravy sauce from Gordon Ramsay

In this variant, you already have a well-fried turkey in the oven. You start by putting in a container the fat resulting from roasting the turkey. In the pan where the turkey was made, add the pieces of bacon that were on the turkey, the onion, and the lemon used to give the turkey a better taste. 

Add rosemary and tomatoes. Let them fry a little and add cider and turkey juice. Let them boil, pass as much as possible and then drain.

The 7 versions of gravy sauce

Gravy Sauce: Gravy sauce is a brown gravy made from the juices that flow naturally from meat or vegetables during cooking.

Classic gravy sauce preparation: sprinkle a frying pan with a small amount of flour and add gravy to obtain a brown roux.

Stir for two minutes and then add meat broth, stirring again. We salt and pepper.

To give flavor, you can add wine, if the sauce is served with red meat or crème fraîche for white meat. Gravy sauce is poured over the meat.

Anglo-Saxon versions of gravy sauce: This sauce is present in North American and British cuisine. In North America, the term can refer to a wider variety of sauces, and gravy is often thicker than in Britain. 

Gravy sauce can also be colored and seasoned with gravy salt (a simple mixture of salt and caramel-based food coloring), gravy browning (salt of gravy sauce dissolved in water), or cubes (dehydrated meat juices), herbs to replace natural meat or vegetable extracts. Gravy is usually served with roasts (roast beef), meatloaf, rice, or mashed potatoes.

Options of gravy sauce:

Chocolate: made with animal fat, flour, cocoa powder, and sometimes a little sugar.

Cream: a cup and a half of crème fraîche added to the sauce, salt, and pepper. Common in the southern United States of America. It is served with grilled chicken fillets.

With eggs: for breakfast, served on cookies. The sauce is made with bacon juice and flour to thicken the sauce. The sauce is peppered, salted, and topped with milk and water (same proportion), then the liquid is brought to a boil. A beaten egg is then gently added to the sauce while the gravy is stirred or beaten quickly to cook the egg immediately which is broken into small pieces in the sauce.

With onions: finely chopped onions and gently cooked in broth and wine. Usually served with bangers and mash (pork sausage and mashed potatoes), eggs, chops or fried or grilled meat (which would not produce gravy).

Red gravy: ham juice cooked in a frying pan, deglazed with coffee. Typical of the southern United States of America, usually served over ham, grits (corn grits), or cookies.

With tomato: it is not a meat sauce at all but a kind of tomato sauce made from fresh or canned tomatoes, flour, and usually with a small amount of fat. A typical sauce from the southern United States of America.

Vegan or vegetarian gravy: made with boiled or roasted vegetables. A quick and tasty vegetable gravy that can be made with any mixture of vegetable or leftover broth, flour and butter, oil, or margarine. One recipe uses vegetable broths with cornmeal (to thicken) (“cowboy-style” sauce), which is whisked quickly in boiling water. Sometimes vegetables are added for flavor, which can result in a dark green color.

Wine can be added. The brown gravy with vegetarian gravy can be enriched with the brewer’s yeast (Marmite or Vegemite sauce). There are commercially available granules that work very well with a vegetarian or vegan type sauce.

White or sawmill gravy, in the cuisine of the southern United States of America (literally: “sawmill sauce”), is the typical sauce for “biscuits with gravy” (biscuits and gravy) and fried chicken steaks. It is a béchamel sauce mixed with gravy with flour. 

Add milk or cream to thicken the sauce; black pepper and pieces of sweet sausage or poultry liver are sometimes added. This preparation can also be called gravy country, “country meat gravy”, “milk” or “sausage”.

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Gravy sauce is common in the American kitchens, and can be used for many dishes, including meat, vegetable, even desserts! 

We remind you that gravy sauce can also be colored and seasoned with gravy salt (a simple mixture of salt and caramel-based food coloring), gravy browning (salt of gravy sauce dissolved in water), or cubes (dehydrated meat juices), herbs to replace natural meat or vegetable extracts

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