Is celery a good substitute for cilantro?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Is celery a good substitute for cilantro?” We will also discuss what makes celery a good substitute for cilantro and what other herbs can be used as a substitute for cilantro. Moreover, we will also list the differences between celery and coriander.

Is celery a good substitute for cilantro?

Yes, celery leaves are a great substitute for cilantro in soups and stews. The soft and tender stems along with the leaves can be chopped and used as a garnish in any recipe that would require cilantro. 

The flavor profiles of these two herbs are quite similar so celery makes a good substitute for cilantro. Given their close resemblance to the cilantro, most people won’t even notice the difference unless they are celery lovers.

What makes celery a good substitute for cilantro?

There are many reasons why celery is a great substitute for cilantro:

  • Celery leaves and cilantro leaves are quite identical to each other. You can only find the difference when you actually smell them.
  • They both are from the same family Apiaceae, which already indicates that they are a lot more similar to each other than you may think.
  • They both are very nutritious herbs packed with many essential nutrients and compounds. This means no matter which herb you use, it will not just boost the flavors of your dish but also give you health benefits.

What can be a good substitute for cilantro other than celery?

Finding the exact flavors of cilantro is not possible, but for people who don’t like the extremely pungent and soap like taste and smell of fresh coriander, you can use these replacements:


Parsley is a leafy herb that comes from the plant Petroselinum crispum from the same family as coriander. The leaves are bright green and are used as a spice in the preparation of different cuisines. Parsley is widely used as a garnish, condiment, food, and flavoring herb in numerous dishes. 

Due to its strong resemblance to coriander, people often confuse them with each other. It’s slightly bitter than coriander but brings similar fresh and flavorful notes to cilantro. Parsley doesn’t have citrusy undertones like cilantro but you can add lemon juice to get that perfect flavor. 


Basil has a similar citrusy taste to fresh coriander, so it works well when you’re replacing it with fresh coriander. There are different types of basil you can choose from. 

You can add thai basil for similar flavors. It can also be chopped finely and used as a garnish to make your dish pop up even more.


Despite having very little resemblance to the fresh coriander leaves in terms of their appearance and flavors, they can still be used as a substitute for cilantro in some dishes. 

Dill is perfect for different kinds of seafood which taste best with a citrusy touch up. You should use dill in place of cilantro in Mexican recipes as it does not match the flavors of Mexican food.

For more ideas about the use of dill in recipes, please click the link here.

Mixed herbs

To get the perfect substitute for cilantro, the best idea is to combine all the herbs with similar flavor profiles as the cilantro. This will help to bring out all the best flavors from each herb, perhaps this will bring out similar but even better flavors than cilantro. 

You can mix parsley, dill, and basil to form an entirely new flavor. Combining all of them gives a more well-balanced flavor that may be used in almost any recipe as a substitute for cilantro.

How does celery differ from cilantro?

They are lime green in color with flat leaves and tougher stalks.
Celery seeds are oval-shaped.
They have soft and feathery leaves with delicate stems.
The coriander seeds are round in shape.
Flavor profileThey have an earthy and slightly bitter flavor.Their flavors are both complex and delicate, with hints of pepper, mint, and lemon.
AromaIt has a very powerful aroma that smells a bit like fennel and anise.Cilantro is very pungent. They have a fresh and lemony aroma.
Some even find the smell of cilantro soaplike.
Culinary useUsed as a herb, spice, as well as vegetableUsed as a herb for garnish.
Nutritional profileThey are great sources of calcium, manganese, and ironThey are rich in dietary fiber, manganese, iron, magnesium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and protein.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Is celery a good substitute for cilantro?” We have also discussed what makes celery a good substitute for cilantro and what other herbs can be used as a substitute for cilantro. Moreover, we have also listed the differences between celery and cilantro.


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