Is ale 8 vegan?

 In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Is ale 8 vegan?” and will discuss its history and composition.

Is ale 8 vegan?

Yes, ale 8 is vegan. Ale 8 is vegan friendly because Isinglass isn’t utilized for clarifying and doesn’t use milk stout for  brewing . Neither the ingredients nor the filtration technologies are animal-based. There are no animal products or substances used in the brewing or filtering process of Ale 8.

Ale-8-One, sometimes known as Ale-8, is ginger and citrus-flavored soft drink that is predominantly sold in brick-and-mortar stores in the state of Kentucky. Ginger Soda with a “kick” may be classified as Ale-8. Unlike traditional soda, this beverage has less carbonation and fewer calories thanks to a combination of ginger and citrus juices.

Ale 8 ingredients: natural and artificial flavorings, ginger, Carbonated water, sucralose, citric acid, potassium benzoate, phosphoric acid, caramel coloring, acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate.

Winchester’s Ale-8-One Bottling Company bottles it.


Wainscott invented the recipe for Ale-8-One in the 1920s, while soda bottler G. L. Wainscott was still alive. Before 1906 developed Roxa-Kola (Wainscott’s prior flagship product), Wainscott had already been in the soda industry since 1902. Wainscott relied on his expertise in ginger-based recipes from northern Europe when he came up with the formula for Ale-8-One.

In 1926, Wainscott started bottling Ale-8-One. He held a competition to come up with a name for the drink. The winning submission, “A Late One,” was selected by a panel of judges. A pun on the term “the newest thing” in soft drinks, Ale-8-One’s name is a play on the word “Ale-8-One” itself.

In 1935, Wainscott acquired a livery stable in Winchester and transformed it into a bottling plant to grow his enterprise.

Wainscott’s widow received half of the firm equity upon his death in 1944, while the other half was distributed to his workers. Frank A. Rogers, Sr. received his wife’s shares upon her death in 1954. The Ale-8-One Bottling Business was formed by Rogers in 1962 after he purchased the remaining company ownership. His son, Frank Rogers, Jr., was chosen the new company’s manager by his father.

Ale 8 composition

Ale-8’s formula is a tightly kept family secret. Ex-President Frank A. Rogers III and his eldest son Fielding are said to be the only two executives who know the precise makeup of the board.

For the first time since 1926, the firm introduced a new product: Diet Ale8 was made available in 2003. Diet Ale 8 has 44 mg of caffeine and no added sugars in its ingredients. Sucralose and acesulfame potassium are used to sweeten the diet variant. In March 2011, Caffeine Free Diet Ale 8 was released. Splenda is used as a sweetener in addition to the fact that it does not contain caffeine.

Cherry Ale 8 debuted in 2018 and is the first Ale-8-One to have a flavor. Once only accessible in fountain form, it has now been made available in bottles as well. According to Ale-8-One’s website in April 2019, they will be releasing a new orange cream soda taste.

Winchester was chosen as the location for the Ale-8-One Bottling Company’s new factory in 1965. In 1968, it stopped making Roxa-Kola, and by 1974, it had stopped making all of its other beverages to concentrate on Ale-8-One. The Rogers family retains ownership of the corporation.

Accessibility and distribution

Ale-8 was mostly accessible in central and eastern Kentucky for much of its lifespan. In April 2001, the Ale-8-One Bottling Company partnered with Coca-Cola Enterprises to boost its distribution in southern Ohio and southern Indiana. Eastern Tennessee and far western Virginia were included in the distribution area later. In certain sections of West Virginia, it is also available.

As recently as July of this year, Ale-8 announced that it will be moving its manufacturing operations to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Distribution throughout the country

As of 2016, Cracker Barrel was able to sell the beverage at all one of its locations throughout the country. The Fresh Market started selling Ale-8 and Diet Ale-8 at its shops in the eastern and midwestern United States in 2017.

Ale 8 disclaimer

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In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Is ale 8 vegan?” and discussed its history and composition.


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