Is 4head vegan?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Is 4head vegan?” and will discuss working and how to use 4head.

Is 4head vegan?

Yes, 4head is vegan.  4head Stick is vegan because it does not include any animal products, and it has not been tested on animals at any point.

More than 95% of all individuals experience headache at some point in their lifetime and 10-25% of the population report weekly headaches (2).

What is 4head?

Because of its unique design, it is possible to apply the 4head Stick directly to a specific location on the forehead. Levomenthol, also known as menthol, is the active component and is delivered in a retractable stick dispenser. Peppermint oil’s principal ingredient, menthol, is well-known to most people.

Menthol (also “mint camphor”), is a volatile oil extract derived from the genus Mentha (mint), is widely available in natural and synthetic forms. A cyclic terpene alcohol, menthol, acts on the transient receptor potential melastatin-8 (TRPM8) receptor. Menthol is also a vasoactive agent that produces cutaneous vasodilation. It has been extensively used for both effects of traditional medicine. Applied to the skin, it imparts a cooling effect and might also act as a weak sodium channel blocker. Its action on activity-dependent voltage-gated neuron channels confers to it a weak, localized anesthetic effect. At high concentrations (>30%), menthol is irritating (1).

To reduce pain, the 4head Stick is placed on the skin, causing a chilling and tingling sensation that dilates the skin’s blood vessels. Relaxing and relieving tight muscles in the head may also be helped by using it.

 Why use a 4head Stick?

·         There’s no need to wait four hours between treatments with this product. If you have difficulties or detest taking headache medicines, this is a good option for you.

·         Portable and easy to use. Whether at work, home or on the go, the applicator stick is a practical way to relieve a headache.

·         Because 4head Stick is developed to be non-greasy and colorless when applied, it is considered cosmetically acceptable. Hence, it shouldn’t interfere with the application of cosmetics.

Topical products containing menthol are used in patients with a wide range of conditions, including the management of pain associated with muscle strain, back pain, joint pain, arthritis-related painful conditions and so on. These products offer both a cooling sensation, which can offer comfort, and pain relief. Migraine headaches are prevalent and represent a common type of neurovascular disorder. In humans, it has been observed that cold can trigger a migraine but, alternately, the cooling action of menthol can alleviate headache pain (1).

4head Stick’s use instructions

To use a 4head Stick, just wipe the stick’s surface over your forehead. Non-greasy and colorless, the application is simple to use.

·         When and how to utilize it

Whenever you need it, 4head Stick is there for you. When you’re on the go, it’s a convenient way to get quick relief.

·         Don’t overuse it.

If you apply too much, the feeling on your skin may be too intense. The frequency of future applications should be reduced or the area covered reduced if this happens.

·         After use

After usage, return the dispenser to its original position and reinstall the cap. Only the forehead should be utilized with 4head Stick.

·         When is it OK to stop?

If the 4head Stick causes discomfort, stop using it. Consult a doctor if you suffer any additional side effects.

·         What to do if you have swallowed

Medical assistance should be sought if 4head Stick is ingested.

·         Who can benefit from it?

In the event when children are claiming to be experiencing headaches and their parents are unsure, it is usually best to consult with their pediatrician first. Excessive use of any medication should be avoided, just as with any other.


·         Remove the outer cap and the little protective inner cap from the dispenser’s top before each use.

·         To get the levomenthol stick out of your dispenser, twist its base clockwise while gripping the upper portion.

·         Apply as needed to the forehead with a light touch (taking care to avoid the eyes).

How does it work?

No painkillers needed: 4head is a painkiller-free headache remedy

Headaches may be relieved with 4head topical painkillers – 90% levomenthol – which can help block pain signals and relax muscles in the head.

Menthol is a cyclic terpene alcohol with three asymmetric carbon atoms. There are four pairs of optical isomers: (+)-and (−)-menthol, neomenthol, isomenthol and neoisomenthol. The analgesic properties of menthol are thought to be attributable primarily to the (−)-menthol isomer. Menthol produces its topical analgesic action through an interaction with the dense network of nerves that are embedded in the skin’s dermal-epidermal junction (1).

The sensation is everything.

After using a 4head Stick on your forehead, you’ll notice tingling, cooling, and calming sensations within a few seconds. Analgesic effects are beginning to take hold of 4head.

4head Stick’s painkiller, levomenthol (more popularly known as menthol), may be felt working within two minutes of application, according to a scientific experiment with tension headache patients.

Pain control is a difficult challenge for medicine. Each of the major oral analgesic agents has inherent drawbacks related to adverse effects or abuse potential. Topical analgesics deliver the active agent locally rather than systemically, which may improve tolerability and reduce the risk of drug-drug interactions. Patients tend to accept these products as familiar and convenient, and their role is likely to increase as the aging population seeks to manage painful symptoms without using difficult-to-swallow oral agents or opioids. Menthol has a long history of use as a topical analgesic. Clinical studies have reported that topical menthol appears safe and effective in treating a variety of painful conditions, including musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, neuropathic pain and migraine (1).

Is there a maximum age restriction for patients who use 4head?

Adults, the elderly, and children of all ages may utilize the 4head Stick. Children under 12 are not advised to use the 4head QuickStrip because of the difficulty in using it as indicated, but adults and the elderly are permitted to use it. When young children complain of headaches, it’s always best to start by talking to their doctor.

How frequently should you make use of 4head?

There are no restrictions on how frequently you may use the 4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip. To reduce the intensity of the local sensations, use a stick and apply less often or over a smaller region in the case of the stick. If your headaches are not alleviated by over-the-counter remedies, or if they are so severe or frequent that they interfere with your regular activities, you should seek medical help.

Are there any other medications that 4head may interact with?

4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip have no known interactions with other therapies. However, 4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip should not be used at the same time, nor should either product be put to the forehead at the same time.

Is it possible to take 4head and oral medications at the same time?

With medications taken by mouth, either the 4head Stick or the 4head QuickStrip may be utilized Oral painkillers and 4head Stick or 4head QuickStrip have no known interactions.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Is 4head vegan?” and discussed working and how to use 4head.

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