How Uber Eats works for customers? (+7 Tips for restaurant partners)

In this post, we will discuss how Uber Eats works for customers. We will also explain certain ways through which restaurant partners in Uber Eats can improve their ratings in this delivery app. Finally, we will check out some of the advantages of Uber Eats particularly for users or customers.

How Uber Eats works for customers?

Uber Eats is an On-Demand food delivery app through which any customer anywhere can place an order and get their food delivered in a short span of time. The customer or users opens the app and checks out the various items listed in the menu. The customer then picks out a certain item and adds it to their cart and pays for it through various options.

The restaurant merchant in the Uber Eats app accepts the customer’s order and then prepares it while the delivery person reaches the restaurant. Once the meal has been prepared, the restaurant merchant will pack it and give it to a delivery person who then gives it to the customer at their delivery address.

How can restaurant partners improve their ratings?

Uber Eats is not only useful for customers, but is pretty advantageous for restaurant partners as well. In fact, a large percentage of the restaurants prefer Uber Eats as their delivery app. However, the profit that these restaurants make on the app largely depends on their ratings. Some ways in which restaurant partners can improve their ratings and increase their profit here are:

By decreasing their delivery time

One way to improve your restaurant’s ratings on Uber Eats is by decreasing the delivery time of your food orders. Customers want their food fast and while a lot of this depends on the delivery driver’s expertise, it also majorly depends on the restaurant’s preparation time. You can decrease your delivery time by investing in extra people or following a set method for each order.

By optimizing their menus

You can also try optimizing your restaurant menu to put your best foot forward. Lots of restaurants actually have pretty great options but these are overlooked by customers as the menu itself is not designed aptly. In order to showcase the best elements of your restaurant menu, you can try segregating the orders into different categories, including a most-ordered one. 

By getting featured in Uber Eats

Another way, through which you can improve your ratings and increase your profit, is by getting featured on Uber Eats. Uber Eats has a ‘Top Picks’ section which makes the search simpler for the customer. There are also various categories available here such as ‘Most Popular’ and many others. Getting your restaurant featured in any of these categories will be a big plus for you.

By giving promotions

The most commonly used tactic used by restaurants to get more customers and increase their ratings is by giving promotional offers and discounts. If you do so, your restaurant will be featured in the homepage of the customer’s Uber Eats app. Examples of promotional offers that you can give out are ‘Buy one, get one free’ or ‘Free delivery’.

By connecting your social media

One more splendid thing that you can do for your restaurant is to connect your Uber Eats with your social media handle. This is available for Instagram and this can allow customers to see your Uber Eats posts. Customers can ‘like’ and ‘share’ these, thereby increasing the marketing for your restaurant and thereby improving your rating.

By checking your progress

While you are using various strategies and tactics to promote your restaurant, it is also important you check your performance and your progress in an objective manner. This can be done through the Restaurant Manager Software that Uber Eats provides on its tablet. Through this, the restaurant can check out the statistics that are required to improve its performance.

By responding to reviews

One more thing that restaurants can do to improve their ratings is to respond to reviews and ratings of the customers. Through these, the restaurants can establish their stance and presence with their customers. In addition to this, the reviews can also help the restaurants in their performance by giving valuable feedback.

Advantages of Uber Eats for customers

Uber Eats is definitely one of the favorites when it comes to On-Demand food delivery apps. Some of the advantages that Uber Eats provides are,

  • It has a large collection of restaurants that can be very advantageous for customers. Customers can find both inexpensive eats as well as high-end restaurants in this app.
  • It has a map feature through which the customer can easily explore nearby places and the restaurants that are in them. The customer has to simply pick a location on the map given and are immediately shown the different options that are present nearby for delivery or for pick up.
  • Uber Eats allows group orders to be placed, which can be a godsend for business places and friends who like to gather together often. The bill can be paid by one person and can also be split between the various members of the group.

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In this post, we have discussed how Uber Eats works for customers. We have also explained certain ways through which restaurant partners in Uber Eats can improve their ratings in this delivery app. Finally, we have checked out some of the advantages of Uber Eats particularly for users or customers.

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