How to Use a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “How to Use a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill” and will discuss the parts of the Traeger Wood pellet grill and their functions.

How to Use a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills burn wood pellets for fuel, but they also need a power source like a wall outlet. This machine has five major components: an auger and fire pot, as well as the controller and hopper. Compared to other grills, they are a lot more precise and easier to use. Wireless internet access and mobile device control are standard features on all new models.

What is a Traeger wood pellet grill?

Wood pellet grills were invented by Joe Traeger. He had the idea when he saw flames coming from his gas grill while he was getting ready to prepare dinner for his family. That was back in the year 1988, by the way. Traeger Grills now offers a wide range of grills, ranging from the Pro Series to the Timberline Series, all under one brand.

The most well-known brand on the market is Traeger. Pellet grills combine the taste of smoked wood with the ease of use of a gas grill to provide a unique culinary experience. 

Real wood pellets are used as fuel in wood pellet barbecues. Pellet grills do not pollute the environment in the same way that propane, natural gas, or charcoal barbecues do. They are available in a wide range of tastes and have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s easy to see why 6-in-1 grills are so popular when there are many versions available.

How does a wood pellet grill work?

This grill has five main components: the hopper; controller; auger; and firepot. To begin, let’s have a look at each component and see what it does and how it works:


Simple controls are an advantage of wood pellet grills. Turn on the grill and adjust the temperature to your liking by simply turning the knob. Use it in the same way you’d use your oven. Currently, all Traegers come with this LCD-style control screen as standard equipment.

An earlier model will have a dial with indicated temperature settings on the grill rather than the more modern digital display. However, they do not have all of the contemporary features of the new Traeger, so if you find one in a shop, be sure to bargain hard.


The hopper is where the wood pellets are placed on the stove. They fall into the auger and are sucked up, where they are spat out into the firepot. Open the hopper lid to see how many pellets are in it and whether you need to add more.

Using only natural ingredients, Traeger’s pellets come in a whopping 13 distinct tastes. Their pellets are produced from food-grade hardwood that is 100 percent natural.


The auger is responsible for supplying fuel to the fire. The bottom of the hopper is where the auger is situated. Gravity automatically pushes the pellets into the spinning auger as you feed them into the hopper.

A large auger transports the pellets to the firepot from a hopper. A quick-burning fire may be achieved by adjusting how rapidly the pellets are moved over the grate. The pellets should be moved steadily for low and slow cooking.


The wood pellets are lit by the “HotRod” in the bottom of the firepot.


The fire is fanned by the fan. To cook consistently, use a fan with a variable speed setting. The Traeger grill’s temperature is controlled in the same way as an oven. To guarantee uniform cooking temperatures, the digital control provides a constant temperature source throughout the cooking process. Many of them even have WIFI built-in. The app on your phone or smart home device lets you operate your barbecue from anywhere.

For the first time, how do you use a Traeger?

Be careful to read the Owner’s Manual before using your Traeger for the first time. In contrast to conventional barbecues, your Traeger will need an electrical connection. Electricity is required to run the auger as well as the auger’s internal thermostat and fan. Before you connect it to an outlet, be certain it is turned off.

The grease pan may be covered with aluminum foil for easy cleaning before it is re-inserted into the smoker. If you’re using your Traeger for the first time, you’ll want to season it beforehand before cooking anything. Even though it takes approximately an hour and a half, you only have to perform it once.

Preheating your Traeger Pellet Grill or Smoker requires 10 minutes with the door closed before using it to cook anything. Once you’ve seasoned it, though, all you have to do is adjust the temperature and other preferences until you get the results you want.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “How to Use a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill” and discussed the parts of the Traeger Wood pellet grill and their functions.


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