How to use a potato ricer?

In this brief article, we will provide you with the answer to the question “How to use a potato ricer?”, discuss why this utensil is very useful and talk about how to clean it. We will also teach you how to choose a potato ricer that is ideal for your needs. 

How to use a potato ricer?

To use a potato ricer, you just have to place the potato in the closed part of the utensil and squeeze the ingredient using the handle. The pieces will come out through the holes.

First, you have to peel and chop the potatoes into equal-sized chunks. Cook for about 15 minutes in boiling water, or until they are soft enough to break apart when pushed with a fork. 

Then, drain the potatoes, place them in the basket of your utensil and squeeze it. 

Why do you need a potato ricer at home?

A potato ricer is vital for those who wish to be practical in their everyday life in the face of an increasingly busy schedule.

It allows you to skip steps in dishes produced from veggies and vegetables, allowing you to finish the procedure faster and without the use of additional appliances.

Some of the advantages of this utensil are:

  • It optimizes recipe preparation
  • It is easy handling
  • Accepts various foods
  • Does not take up a lot of space in the pantry
  • It has affordable prices
  • Exists in different formats
  • Makes your potatoes smooth and creamy

The main disadvantage of a potato ricer is the cleaning process, which might be a little difficult. However, here we are going to teach you how to clean your potato ricer.

How to clean a potato ricer?

One of the difficulties you may have when utilizing this item is cleaning the juicer. We have some tips that you may use to make this phase easier:

Place the juicer in a bowl of cold water:

Allow the utensil to “soak” until you clean it so that the residue does not stay and comes out easily.

Clean normally

For this stage, use a light detergent, water, and a soft sponge to wash until nothing is left.

Use a toothpick to open the holes

If there are still residues in the holes after cleaning, insert the toothpick into the holes to unlock them.

How to pick a potato ricer?

Here we will teach you some tips to determine the qualities to look for in each model and then select the best one for you.

  • Material
  • Format
  • Pressure


The ricer’s raw material has a direct impact on its durability. Popular materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone. Consider the following criteria for each version:

Stainless steel ricers

These ones are popular due to their resilience and hygiene, as well as their attractive design. They generally have a high purchase price.

Aluminum ricer

Low-cost products. They are classic and typically provide lightness and durability, although they flex after a fall.

Silicone juicers

Are available in a variety of colors. They are still in short supply, but they provide good value for money.


In general, this aspect has no bearing on the operation of the attachment. However, if your juicer doesn’t have a compartment, it’s a good idea to buy a form that matches the bowls you currently have.

The type of processed food also has a role in determining the ideal format. Choose versions with a built-in basket if the ingredients are larger.


The ideal potato ricer will also be determined by how you want to mash the food. On the market nowadays, there are manual forms as well as those with a lever and screw.

Manually preparing the dish will require extra work. This does not happen with the lever or screw. After usage, all you’ll have to do is clean up the leftovers.

Extra features

Other features may be added to the juicer to make it even more useful. Among these benefits is the option of having a nonstick surface, which makes cleaning easier.

Other types are removable and feature adjustable handles, providing for a more customized utensil experience. This component also minimizes the amount of space taken up by the accessory in the pantry.


In this brief article, we provided you with the answer to the question “How to use a potato ricer?”, discussed why this utensil is very useful, and talked about how to clean it. We also taught you how to choose a potato ricer that is ideal for your needs.


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