How to use a ninja blender? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to use a ninja blender?” and tips to use a ninja blender.

How to use a ninja blender?

To use the ninja blender, assemble the parts of the ninja blender, secure it properly, add the food ingredients into the blender, and start the blender by plugging it in the socket and pressing the power button. 

Check the speed at which you wish the blender to run. After blending the food ingredients, switch off the power switch and loosen the secured blender.

Steps to using a ninja blender are given below:

  • Assembling the parts of the ninja blender are important. You could be using a compact one or a bulky one but irrespective of which one you are using, assembling them is important.
  • Place the blade assembly inside the pitcher and onto the gear. Keep the pitcher on the base of the motor. The sides of the pitcher should touch the Ninja logo present in the base.
  • Slowly rotate the pitcher in the clockwise direction. 
  • After you rotate the pitcher, you would hear a sound that indicates that the pitcher has been locked properly.
  • If you are using the single-serve cup, keep the extractor blades on top of the cup and match them with the opening. Screw them tight. This would help in sealing the cup properly.
  • Add the food ingredients to the blender. You can use a ninja blender to prepare a variety of foods ranging from blending softer items for smoothies or milkshakes to blending hard ingredients as well.
  • After adding all the food ingredients, close the lid.
  • If a pitcher is being used, place the lid on the pitcher to close it and lock the lid. While locking the lid, the two arrows on the handle of the pitcher and on the lid should be aligned well.
  • If a single-serve cup is being used then you would have to lock the blades after twisting them. The motor base can be locked after turning it upside down. Secure the blender properly to let it work.

Screw the cup clockwise till you hear a distinct click on them.

  • Look at the blender setting. You can find them in the control panel. Choose the settings that would work out for you.
  • Select the speed that you would want your blender to work in. There are generally three speeds present which would be high, medium, and low.
  • After you are done blending your foods, allow the blades to stop spinning before removing the cup or pitcher. Rotate the cup or the pitcher in a counter-clockwise direction.

What are the speeds present in the ninja blender?

The speeds present in the Ninja blender would be low, medium, and high. Both complex and compact ones would have these settings. The speed can also be denoted in a numerical format as in 1, 2, 3.

What are the tips to keep in mind before using a Ninja blender?

  • Avoid overfilling the blender. There is a “fill to here” line present in both the pitcher or cup. Do not go beyond that line or it would be difficult to blend the food ingredients.
  • If you wish to prepare smoothies or juices in the ninja blender, you can use the low or medium speed. The high speeds can be used for iced foods or to add ice to the food items.
  • The pulse setting in a ninja blender helps to blend foods at a very high speed for a shorter period of time. It can be used to blend hard foods.
  • Auto-IQ puree is used for pureeing the foods. This setting helps in turning the foods to paste or puree. It can be used to prepare soups or gravies that require purees.
  • Auto-IQ ultra blend is another high-speed setting found in Ninja models. It helps in the preparation of juices or smoothies.
  • Auto-IQ blend is a feature found only in single-cup models of Ninja. This feature is useful for preparing smoothies but the smoothies can only be prepared from softer food ingredients.
  • Auto-IQ crush is a feature found in the newer models of Ninja. It can be used to break down harder foods into smaller and softer pieces.
  • If you are using a pitcher, remove the lid off the pitcher before pouring the purees or drinks. If you do not remove the lid, the blades can come off the pitcher and hurt you.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to use a ninja blender?” and tips to use a ninja blender.