How to use a French Press with pre-ground coffee? (3 Tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “how to use a French Press with pre-ground coffee?”. We will look at the factors and measures; which contribute to coffee prepared from pre-ground coffee in a coffee press. 

How to use a French Press with pre-ground coffee?

To use a french press with pre-ground coffee, use a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. Add the coffee grounds to the water in the press and let it steep for three and a half minutes. 

The coffee press also referred to as a French press, or a plunger pot is quite simple to use.

The Coffee press does not use a filter which means that the coffee obtained is pure, full of organic compounds and natural oils.

The coffee press or French press is preferred because it is steeped rather than filtered. The saturation of the coffee beans allows for a richer coffee experience than other coffee press.

Are Pre-ground coffee beans as good as freshly ground coffee beans?

If you have ever ground your own coffee, you will notice that using pre-ground coffee beans is a step-down. When you ground your coffee beans before you make the coffee, they will have a fresh, rich flavor and aroma. However, if you pre-ground the coffee beans or buy from the store, you could end up with a coffee with less flavor.

The entire bean has organic compounds, natural oils such as phenolic compounds, antioxidant and aromatic compounds intact. When you grind the coffee beans, the inside of the beans expose to air and, the oxidation reaction commences. Some of the aromatic compounds evaporate while the natural oils become rancid.

Coffee is necessary for most people to wake up in the morning. The caffeine, chlorogenic acid, and tannins promote mental function and increase productivity. If consumed in moderate amounts, coffee does more good than harm.

Pre-ground coffee beans produce good coffee when used in an automatic drip machine or single-serve coffee maker. It is possible to get a satisfying cup of coffee from pre-ground coffee in a French press. You need to make slight alterations in the water to coffee ratio, to get a fine-tasting cup of coffee that yielded from pre-ground coffee made in the French Press.

 Grinding your coffee beans every day is a hassle, but the resulting coffee is superior in taste and quality. Recently ground coffee beans retain much of their quality as opposed to pre-ground coffee. 

However, there are tweaks and changes you could make that will make your pre-ground coffee taste better. 

Let us look at an elaborate guide to make French Press coffee using pre-ground coffee.

The standard ratio must be 1 part coffee to 15 parts water. If your French Press makes 4 cups of coffee, you could use 30 grams or 4-5 tablespoons of coffee. Boil 430 ml of water and then let it cool for 30-40 seconds. 

You can now introduce the coffee grounds to your French press, which has been filled to quarter with water. Wait 30 seconds to let the coffee dissolve. Stir to mix and dissolve the coffee thoroughly, and then add the rest of the water to the French Press.

The steeping time needs to be cut down here to 3 minutes and 30 seconds instead of an entire 4 minutes. Slowly, pull the plunger back up after the coffee has steeped for a sufficient time. 

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Let us look at some helpful tips to ensure that the coffee you get through pre-ground coffee in the French press suits your taste.

  • Use a lesser quantity of coffee grains you generally use. Finer coffee grains leach out their soluble compounds faster and get extracted quickly. Therefore, by using a lesser amount of coffee you prevent the bitter compounds from being released into the water.
  • You could cool down your water for a while longer than you would with freshly ground coffee beans. For ordinary French press coffee, the instruction tells you to retain a temperature of around 200 Fahrenheits. However, here if you try to keep the temperature at around 180 Fahrenheits, you could prevent your coffee from being too over-extracted and bitter.

A higher temperature encourages the dissolution process. Therefore, keeping your water at a lower temperature will help you to control the extent to which they dissolve. 

  • The finer the coffee grains you use the lesser steeping time you need. Due to their larger exposed surface, coffee grounds do not need as much time for steeping. The compounds dissolute at a faster rate than they would with coarse ground-up coffee. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, “how to use a French Press with pre-ground coffee?”. We looked at the factors and measures; which contribute to coffee prepared from pre-ground coffee in a coffee press. 


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