How to unclog a coffee maker? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “how to unclog a coffee maker?”. We will discuss how to keep your coffee maker cleaner for a long time. In the end, we will understand what makes vinegar so effective as a cleaner.  

How to unclog a coffee maker? 

Make a solution of water in vinegar and pour this solution into the carafe of the coffee machine and wait for 30 to 60 minutes, this will unclog the coffee maker. 

Monthly cleaning of the coffee maker is recommended. Coffee makers must be cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. Here is the step-by-step procedure to unclog the coffee maker. 

Step 1: Add vinegar and water to the coffee maker

Start cleaning your coffee maker by filling the water tank with a mixture of water and white distilled vinegar. If the buildup in your coffee machine is extremely bad, you may increase the vinegar to water ratio.

Vinegar not only disinfects the coffee machine and carafe but also removes mineral deposits that have built up over time.

Step 2: Brew and sit for a while

Insert a filter into the basket, then activate the brewer. Turn off the coffee maker when it’s approximately midway through the brewing process, pour the vinegar solution into the carafe and let it sit there for 30 to 60 minutes. 

After 60 minutes the coffee machine will be cleaned, just remove the solution from the coffee maker.  

Step 3: Complete the cycle by flushing it with water

Restart the coffee machine and let it finish the brewing process. Discard the paper filter and discard the vinegar solution.

The vinegar solution may now be removed from the coffee machine. Put new water into the reservoir, insert a filter into the basket, switch on the coffee maker, and wait for the brewing cycle to end. 

After removing the filter, dump away the water, and starting again with fresh water, proceed with the second cycle. Make sure your coffee machine and pot are spotless by wiping them off with a damp cloth.

How to keep your coffeemaker cleaner for a long time?

Make sure to use clean and distilled water when you make coffee. If you want to use the carafe to refill the water tank, you should only do so if you plan to wash it in hot, soapy water immediately.

In order to remove any coffee residue that may have been stuck in the impact needle of a K-Cup brewer, as is the case with Keurig machines, a comprehensive and in-depth cleaning is required. 

What makes vinegar so effective as a cleaner?

Chemically, vinegar contains acetic acid which is a weak acid, yet it’s powerful enough to dissolve residue and destroy mold and germs. Because vinegar is mostly acetic acid, it may be used to clean the home.

Another benefit of vinegar is that it is widely available. Vinegar is something that can be found in the cabinets of the vast majority of people, making it an excellent choice for cleaning purposes.

Despite these benefits, cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar also has a significant drawback that you should be aware of. Vinegar has a strong odor and flavor that might be tough to get rid of after you have finished cleaning your machine. 

Many rinse cycles may be required until your coffee no longer tastes like vinegar. In addition, the comparatively high acidity of vinegar might cause gastrointestinal distress if not removed entirely from the machine.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice, which is acidic like vinegar, is another common home acid that may be used as an impromptu cleanser. Lemon juice may replace vinegar in coffee maker cleaning instructions. 

Combine the lemon juice with the water to make a solution. You can go harder if you want to, but it’s not required.

Run the lemon juice combination through your coffee maker as if you were brewing coffee, but without the grounds.

It is suggested at least three to five cycles of plain water rinsing before using your coffee maker again. After each brew cycle, taste the water to check for residual lemon flavor and stop when you don’t perceive it.

Lemon juice has the benefit of having a less powerful lasting taste than vinegar. Vinegar taste is very strong and may stay in the coffee, adding even a little quantity may completely transform the taste of the coffee and make it unsuitable for consumption.


In this brief article, we answered the question “how to unclog a coffee maker?”. We discussed how to keep your coffee maker cleaner for a long time. In the end, we understood what makes vinegar so effective as a cleaner.