How to turn on an icemaker on a Samsung fridge? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “how to turn on an icemaker on a Samsung fridge?”. We will discuss how the icemaker in Samsung works. In the end, we will understand why your Samsung ice maker is not working. 

How to turn on an icemaker on a Samsung fridge? 

To activate the ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator, push the button of the ice maker and press it for approximately three seconds, when the ice maker LED lights up it will begin producing ice.

The ice maker is the place on your Samsung fridge where ice is made. Typically, the ice maker may be found in the refrigerator’s freezer.

Find the water input and the power switch on the ice machine. To activate, press on the switch. Turn on the water supply to the ice machine by opening the supply valve. 

Typically, the water intake valve is found behind the refrigerator. Be patient until the ice machine begins to operate. The first ice-making cycle might take a few minutes.

How do the ice makers in Samsung work?

With a Samsung ice maker, you can easily generate ice cubes using only water from the faucet. It employs a specialized refrigeration system that generates cold air to freeze water into ice cubes. 

The total time needed for this procedure is around half an hour. Once the ice maker has finished freezing the water, the ice cube tray may be removed.

When the ice maker has finished freezing, it will turn off automatically. Press the “on/off” button once again to resume the cycle. The Samsung fridge takes almost half to one hour to produce ice in the freezer.  

Why is your Samsung ice maker not working? 

If your Samsung ice maker is malfunctioning, you can repair it yourself with a few easy adjustments. The causes listed below may assist in determining the issue and the appropriate treatment.

Check the Temperature 

If the freezer produces little batches of ice with smaller cubes, you should check the temperature of your freezer. Because of the potential for ice maker parts to freeze and become inoperable, keeping the freezer at an optimal temperature is essential. 

If the outside temperature is really high, the freezer in your fridge may begin to warm up. This causes the ice to melt or results in smaller, malformed cubes.

Samsung freezers work best when kept between -2.0 and 4.0 degrees Fahrenheit for ice production, however, manufacturer recommendations might vary.

Ensure the ice maker is turned on

Your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker may not be producing ice. It’s conceivable that the ice machine wasn’t switched ON. On fridges with an exterior ice dispenser, there are ON/OFF buttons. 

Check to see that the button labeled “ICE ON” is lit up. If not, turn it on by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.

Ice maker reset

When the Samsung ice maker stops functioning, you can usually fix it by simply pressing the reset button. Reset the fridge settings then on the ice maker button, your freezer will probably start producing ice. 

Replace your water filter

If your Samsung ice machine does not fill with water, you may need to replace the water filter. When the filter gets clogged with impurities, it might impede ice output. 

These unfiltered contaminants may also cause ice to taste and smell terrible. If you change the filter every six months, you may avoid ice production bottlenecks caused by obstructions.

Incorrectly fitted filters may also reduce ice maker water flow. Always use a brand of filter that Samsung specifically recommends.

Test water pressure

If you want good ice, your ice maker needs a steady stream of water pressure. If the previous troubleshooting techniques don’t fix your Samsung ice maker, you may need to check the water pressure.

Here is how to determine whether or not your refrigerator has enough water pressure:

For exterior water dispensers, fill a measuring cup. There is enough water pressure for at least three-quarters of a cup.

Shut off the water and remove the water line from the refrigerator if there is no external water dispenser. For 6 seconds, dispense water straight from the line into the measuring cup.

If less than 3/4 cups of water come out, there is probably not enough water pressure to make ice. If you are unable to boost the water pressure coming from the water supply in your house, it is possible that you may need the assistance of a plumber.


In this brief article, we answered the question “how to turn on an icemaker on a Samsung fridge?”. We discussed how the icemaker in Samsung works. In the end, we understood why your Samsung ice maker is not working.