How to tell if quinoa is spoiled

In this brief article, we will talk about how to tell if quinoa is spoiled. This article will also talk about how to store quinoa to maintain its freshness.

How to tell if quinoa is spoiled?

You can tell if quinoa is spoiled if it gives off an odour, and has a very dry texture that makes it hard to even chew it. Sometimes spoiled quinoa also has bugs in it when it is kept outside at room temperature for too long. 

Shelf life of dry quinoa 

If you buy packed quinoa, it will be dry which extends its shelf life from two to three years. Depending on the production date, you will find a best-by date on each box to make sure how many years it will be good for until you open it. 

There are not many signs to show that the quinoa is bad when it is dry, which is why it is almost always good even if it passes the best-by date. However, when you cook quinoa you can quite easily tell when it has gone bad.

Shelf life of cooked quinoa 

Cooked quinoa can last for about a week after being cooked but only in the refrigerator. After a week, you will start noticing that the taste slowly changes. It won’t necessarily get spoiled after a year but it is better to not keep it in the refrigerator for too long.

Look for the following signs if you want to know whether the quinoa is spoiled or not.


Quinoa normally has a very soft texture which is easy to chew but when cooked quinoa goes bad the texture becomes very hard and it is difficult to chew the dry and hard quinoa. 

Funny aroma 

If you are used to eating quinoa then spoiled ones will give a whiff that definitely is spoiled. You should not eat it anymore as it can lead to food poisoning. 

Mold on quinoa

Hard texture in spoiled quinoa is often followed by growth of molds. This is a clear sign that the quinoa is spoiled and you need to throw it in the bin. 

Freezing cooked quinoa 

Generally cooked quinoa should not be stored for too long in the refrigerator but if you want your cooked quinoa to last for a while, try storing it in the freezer where the low temperature will help the product not to spoil. Make sure you put it in an air-tight container.

If you are freezing freshly cooked quinoa, then make sure that you wait for it to cool down before shifting it into air-tight boxes. This is important because when quinoa is hot, it will develop moisture in the box that can lead to bacterial mold.

Once you take out the frozen quinoa, wait for it to thaw it and then heat it. It is important to know that once you thaw and reheat the quinoa, its taste will change and it will also have a different color as compared to original quinoa which has a light brown to golden color. 

Storing uncooked quinoa in a dry place

It is better to keep quinoa in a dark and dry place when it is unopened. An example for such a place would be your pantry which doesn’t receive moisture or light. It will help slow down the normal aging process, hence, increasing the shelf life. 

If you find a pack of uncooked quinoa that is near to its expiry date, then store it in the refrigerator. Keeping it at low temperature will keep it fresh for a long time as compared to keeping it in the pantry. 

By now, you know that quinoa does not go bad too soon and is a type of product that you can store for a later date. This makes it very efficient for people who want to store cooked food. It is also very high in nutrition and not a cheap food product. 

What happens if you eat spoiled quinoa?

Eating spoiled will give you stomach aches, nausea and even cause food poisoning. Keeping food outside of the refrigerator for too long will eventually lead to food-borne illnesses and the same is the case with quinoa.

It is better not to eat cooked quinoa, if it is sitting in the fridge for a week. The taste, texture and color will tell you why you must not eat it. It is likely to give you a bad stomach or in the worst case, food poisoning. 

Now you know what type of a food quinoa is and what potential mistakes to avoid when you store quinoa. It is almost always very easy to tell when quinoa is spoiled by using your senses.

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In this brief article, we talked about how to tell if quinoa is spoiled. This article also talked about how to store quinoa to maintain its freshness.