How to tell if cherry tomatoes are bad? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “how to tell if cherry tomatoes are bad?”. We will discuss how to identify a rotten tomato and how to keep cherry tomatoes fresh. In the end, we will understand if a wrinkled tomato tastes bad. 

How to tell if cherry tomatoes are bad?

If the cherry tomatoes have cracks, mold patches, or black spots, they have likely gone rotten.

Dark spots appear on the cherry tomatoes, the spots indicate a rotting tomato, which means it’s time to discard them.

No matter how well you keep cherry tomatoes, they won’t survive indefinitely. Even if you try hard to keep them preserved, they will ultimately go bad.

The simplest method to detect whether your cherry tomatoes are rotten is to look at them and feel unusual changes in them.

Squeeze the tomato between two fingers. If it feels extremely soft and your fingertips can sink into it, it is beyond its expiration date. Tomatoes of any kind should have a solid texture when you touch them, softness or mushiness indicates that they have gone bad.

Your cherry tomatoes have gone rotten if their skin is wrinkled and no longer has a smooth surface.

How to identify a rotten tomato?

Some telltale symptoms of a rotten tomato are as follows:

If it is not the customary solid red or has any discoloration, it is advisable to discard it. When you go to the market to buy tomatoes, make sure you take a firm grasp on them but don’t crush them. 

If the tomatoes give way when you hold them, this is a telltale indicator that they have gone bad. This indicates they should be utilized right away, you can’t store them for a long time. 

This is a clear indication that it has outlived its usefulness and should be eliminated immediately. If the tomato emits a rotting, bitter, or nasty odor, throw it right away, particularly around the stem.

Fruit flies indicate that your tomato is rotting. Flies on tomatoes are unpleasant, but they may be avoided by freezing them.

How to keep cherry tomatoes fresh?

To keep cherry tomatoes fresh for as long as possible, they must be kept properly. The shelf life of your tomatoes may range anywhere from 1 week to 6 months, depending on the environment in which they are stored, the refrigerator, the counter, or the freezer.

At Room Temperature

When placing cherry tomatoes out at room temperature on the counter. This prevents the fruit from being damaged or squashed.

Leave your cherry tomatoes out on the counter so they may mature. If you keep your tomatoes out in the open air, their shelf life will be significantly shortened.

In The Fridge

Tomatoes need to be kept at a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets any lower, it will go bad, and if it gets any higher, it will affect the tomato’s quality.

As a result, while placing tomatoes in the refrigerator, they should be placed on the door or in close proximity. 

It is not necessary to use a sealed container. The most essential thing is to avoid cross-contamination with other foods in your fridge and to keep an eye on the temperature.

In the freezer

If you cherry tomatoes to survive longer, you may put them in the freezer. To preserve cherry tomatoes for later use, lay them out on a baking sheet and throw them in the freezer. 

The tomatoes are then placed in a zippered bag, being careful to remove any air, and placed in the freezer.

Since cherry tomatoes have a tendency to cling together and form a frosting, it is helpful to arrange them in a single layer on a sheet. This method will make it simpler to remove the tomatoes in the future.

Does a wrinkled cherry tomato taste bad?

The taste of wrinkled tomatoes isn’t horrible. Tomatoes are harder as they age, and that’s reflected in the wrinkles on their skin.

It is fine to consume as long as there is no odor, no visible mold, and no evidence of rotting on the tomato.

The tomato’s wrinkling is just an indication of dryness. As the tomato’s liquid content decreases, the outer surface begins to wrinkle. Even if the cherry tomatoes have an unpleasant appearance, there is no reason to avoid eating them.

Factors that accelerate tomato’s spoiling

Tomatoes keep for a long time if preserved correctly. However, under some circumstances, they may spoil sooner than you think.

Tomatoes, particularly ripe, lose their quality fast if stored in a plastic bag. Refrigeration is a fantastic technique to keep tomatoes fresh, but it may also damage their flavor. When tomatoes are stored in a plastic bag, they bruise and finally rot.


In this brief article, we answered the question “how to tell if cherry tomatoes are bad?”. We discussed how to identify a rotten tomato and how to keep cherry tomatoes fresh. In the end, we understood if a wrinkled tomato tastes bad.