How to store salt block? (+3 steps)

In this article, we will answer the question “How to store salt block?”, and how to clean a Himalayan salt block?

How to store salt block?

The rule of thumb is to keep your salt block somewhere cool and dry. Wrap it around with a plastic sheet to prevent the moisture from getting to it. Then place It in the cupboard or anywhere that is not too humid or hot.

How to clean a Himalayan salt block?

After cooking, the Himalayan salt block must be allowed to cool down. Then you have to scrub the surface of the salt block very gently using a moist sponge, a sourer, or a brush. Be very gentle to avoid wasting your salt by scraping it. 

Let the salt air dry. Do not use soap to clean the block as the salt is itself anti-microbial. The block must not be left wet for a long time to avoid dissolving the salt. Follow the steps below to effectively clean your salt block.

  • Quickly rinse the salt block by immersing it in a sink filled with hot water.
  • Scrape the top layer using a scouring sponge, washcloth, or metal spatula.
  • Submerge the block in hot water and quickly remove it.
  • Let the block air-dry completely.

Things to know about Himalayan salt blocks

If you follow the tips given below, you may actually extend the shelf-life of the Himalayan salt and the process of using it becomes much easier.

Slow heating

When heating your salt, block, make sure the temperatures do not rise above 100°F in 15 minutes. Slowly increase the temperature to keep the salt from exploding in your oven.

Avoid greasy food

Do not put too much oil on the surface of the salt block when cooking. Use a brush to grease the surface instead of drizzling It straight out of the bottle. In this way, little oil will be used which is good both for your health and the block.

Don’t mind the cracks 

The crack and fissures inside a salt block are completely normal. They do not make the block explode unless the water gets inside them. When you heat the bloc, you may hear some cracks, that too, is normal.

It won’t over salt

A Himalayan salt block is very less porous with low moisture content. So it could never over-salt your food. With over 80 types of trace minerals in a Himalayan salt block, It provides a lot of other complex flavors than just salt.

Avoid touching after cooking

The salt block retains heat for quite a long time. Therefore, do not touch the block with bare hands immediately after cooking. You might also need to remove your food from the block immediately after cooking to prevent It from overcooking.

It won’t always be pink

The attractive pink hue of the Himalayan salt block will be lost after multiple uses. You can stop the formation of black spots If you remember to wipe the surface after every time you cook.

Why cook with a salt rock?

Heat resistant

The resistant property of the Himalayan salt block makes it a wonderful option for cooking on low or high temperatures. Not only that, the block ensures even distribution of the heat which results in evenly cooked food.


Due to the presence of over 80 different types of trace minerals, the flavor profile of the food cooked on a salt block will be much more complex and delicate.

No oversalting

The block will never oversalt your food due to its low porosity and low moisture.

Heat retention

The crystalline structure of the Himalayan salt block enables it to retain heat for much longer which is great to keep your food nice and warm before serving.


The low porosity and low moisture of the salt block make sit naturally antimicrobial.

Multiple uses

Himalayan salt block has many uses. It can be sued for cooking food when heated, for curing meat and fish, for chilling any food when the block is hilled, and also serve food due to its beautiful pink color and exotic look.

How to heat a salt block in a gas range?

  1. After placing the salt block on the stovetop, give it at least 15 minutes to warm up. The block will start sweating and you will start to see moisture drops along the edges. These will evaporate as the blocks are heated. Always slowly heat the block.
  1. Heat for 15 minutes to make it low-medium hot. Heat for another 15 minutes to make it medium-high hot. 
  1. If you want extremely high temperatures, heat the block for another 5-10 minutes on full flame.


In this article, we answered the question “How to store salt block?”, and how to clean a Himalayan salt block?