How to Store Christmas Wreaths

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store Christmas wreaths?” and provide you with insights on how you can enhance your storage skills especially at a time where it is needed.

How to store Christmas wreaths?

You can store christmas wreaths by 

  • Keeping them hanged as decoration
  • Stack them in cardboard boxes
  • Use wreath containers (plastic or fabric)

Hang them gallery wall style.

If you have an attic, garage, or other large storage area, you can try individually hanging each of your wreaths along a wall with hooks or nails to forge a salon-style storage display. 

Many people use wreaths year-round, for all holidays, and this makes it very easy to see them all at once and access them when you need them. 

To protect your wreaths from dust and debris, you can try storing each of them in a soft, see-through storage bag, before hanging them up. Hanging wreaths in covers ensures they will not get smashed or dirty.

Hang them up on a rack.

Not working with a ton of storage space? No problem. you can just as easily hang multiple wreaths on hangers inside a closet or on a rolling rack. 

Hang them on individual hangers using ribbon, roping, or carabiners, and you can even cover each with a clear plastic bag to keep them free of dust. Store them by size or season, whichever works best for you.

Stack them in cardboard.

Research. If you have a large collection of wreaths, you can consider cardboard wreath boxes for a stackable storage solution. Wreath cardboard boxes can hold each wreath individually and be stacked. 

Depending on the size, depth, and fragility, you can place multiple wreaths in each box, as long as you layer with tissue or newspaper in between. 

To keep track of what’s inside each of your cardboard wreath boxes, some recommend marking each box with a printed label or in marker. 

You can also place a photo of the wreath on the outside of the box so they are easy to identify.


Double up with a fabric wreath container.

If you have a small handful of wreaths that you’d like to safely store together, you should try a canvas or fabric wreath container, such as the Double Storage Wreath Bag at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Fabric wreath containers often feature ties, clips, or carabiners inside for you to better secure the wreaths, and zip ties also work very well. 

People seem to love using these, especially if they choose to place multiple wreaths inside.

Use plastic wreath boxes.

To store your wreaths in style while keeping them safe and easy to spot, some experts say you can not go wrong with a hard, plastic wreath box. Plastic wreath boxes last forever and will keep your wreaths in good shape. Other than that, they can be stacked on top of one another, or hung from their handles, for added versatility.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store Christmas wreaths?” and provided you with insights on how you can enhance your storage skills especially at a time where it is needed.

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