How to Store Christmas Picks

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store Christmas picks?” and provide you with insights on how you can sustain your Christmas memories and ornaments and be able to use them more than once.

How can you store Christmas picks?

You can store Christmas picks by stacking them flat on top of one another, keeping them between pieces of plain paper or tissue paper.

Tips for storing these ornaments:

Wrap them in white tissue paper and stack them in totes. To save space, layer them on the top of some of my large ornament totes to distribute the weight a little more evenly. 

Use resealable bags to collect all like ornaments together.

Tip: Store these non-breakable ornaments in any of your reusable gift boxes. Store in large totes and label tote in detail.

What are Christmas picks used for?

Many people have not heard of picks but these are the sprays of flowers, branches and leaves that we add to our Christmas trees and table top displays to create a real “wow” factor. 

To put it simply, they are decorations on sticks. And the even better news is that picks are not limited to flowers, but there’s loads of fabulously fun novelty sprays as well. 

Picks can be used to create a tree topper, add dimension to your tree, to create a strong repeat decorating pattern in your tree, or use them in your wreaths, garlands and table top displays to create stunning displays.

There are certain ways you can use your picks when decorating your christmas tree.

Style your picks at different angles

It is not necessary for the picks to be upright or facing in one direction. It is good to add a little dimension to the things you are decorating. 

For example, when you are decorating a christmas tree, try to put the picks in different ways and different directions so that it gives a more fuller look.

Fill in the gaps

A christmas tree needs to look full but not in a very untidy way. For that, what you can do is fill the gaps with picks. 

Once the tree is decorated and it still feels like something is missing or it does not seem festive enough, try to see the gaps that, when filled, would not look very clumped up, but would definitely work. 

You can use floral as well as the round ball picks. Try to alternate and see what works according to the decoration and the overall vibe you want to go for.

Add picks throughout the body of your tree

Adding the picks to a small part of the tree can cause the look to be sectioned. That in a way where it would be a bit strange to have a different type of decoration on a part of the tree. 

This could also cause the decorations to look a bit haphazard and untidy. Something like picks need to be either put in a pattern or all over the tree in a certain harmony. 

This way the decorations will look well put together.

Use various styles

Using various styles can help bring a little diversity in the work. It helps show the creative side a bit more than sticking to a simple style. 

If you can pull off various types of decorations all over not just the tree but also the other things that need to be decorated, it will show that you are a creative and rather artistic person.

Bring picks into other areas of your home

It is not a hard and fast rule that you have to only use picks on christmas trees. Picks can be used in anything. You can line them on other plants in the house. 

You can put them in a vase and on a tabletop. You can also put them in bowls of potpourri by attaching them to a bunch of pinecones. The key is to be as artistic and as strategic with it as you can be.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store Christmas picks?” and provided you with insights on how you can sustain your Christmas memories and ornaments and be able to use them more than once.


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