How to Store Christmas Nutcrackers

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store Christmas nutcrackers?” and provide you with insights on how you can store your bigger and bulkier ornaments for the holidays.

How to store Christmas nutcrackers?

You can store Christmas nutcrackers by wrapping them up very neatly and carefully in paper and bubble wrap and put them in containers filled with styrofoam peanuts.

Good Ornament Storage

It normally takes a long time to collect the ornaments if one has a knack for christmas ornament collections. Specifically nutcrackers are a bit more rare and collectibles are much more widely looked for. 

And while some people start to purchase shatterproof ornaments once they start having kids, they still have lots and lots of beautiful glass ornaments because they are all a part of the Christmas collection. 

And of course, they are all time favorites. In the past, we have stored our fragile ornaments in plastic shoe boxes that we then put in larger bins, but there was a whole lot of wasted space with that system.

So the new ornament storage trays  from container stores that fit perfectly in these storage boxes. 

People normally decide to use the trays for their most delicate and treasured ornaments, but that is not feasible in the long run. 

They should also grab some of the ornament storage boxes for the rest of their glass ornaments or fragile bigger ornaments. 

No more wasted space and because all the storage is clear it’s easy to see exactly what ornaments are in each bin, which will make decorating our tree next year even quicker.

Clear Storage Bins

We have always used storage bins to store items, and that alone was pretty effective. 

But, we always used solid color storage bins so we could not see what was inside of them before opening them up. 

Now it is known that what is even more effective is using clear storage bins. Next year we will not even have to open each bin to see exactly what is inside. 

We used these clear bins to store things like our nutcrackers and bottle brush trees.



Open Storage Bins

If you feel a bit confused by this one, Using open storage bins for some items may seem counterintuitive. 

But they are perfect for storing things like ribbon and scarves that we use at Christmas, but that we also may want easily accessible so we can use them for other celebrations during the year. 

However, it probably would not be the most feasible solution if you want to store nutcrackers. This is because open storage bins do have a risk of either falling or something falling on or in them. 

You can use canvas bins from specific container stores for years in a variety of sizes. They are a personal favorite of many people who love Christmas and like to stay organized.


 In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store Christmas nutcrackers?” and provided you with insights on how you can store your bigger and bulkier ornaments for the holidays.


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