How to Store Christmas Figurines

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store christmas figurines?” and provide you with insights on how you can efficiently store your christmas ornaments without damaging them.

How to store Christmas figurines?

You can store christmas figurines by wrapping them up in insulated material, which could be paper or bubble wrap or even plastic wrap. And then put them in storage boxes and containers.

There are certain steps you need to keep in mind when storing christmas figurines or ornaments.

Clear House and Throw Away What You Don’t Want or Need

The first step in organizing is always to separate out the things that you want to keep from the things that you don’t want to keep. In terms of holiday decorations, start by getting rid of:

  • Items with broken pieces
  • Items that you no longer display
  • Lights that no longer work
  • Anything that doesn’t look good with the rest of what you have

Getting rid of decorations doesn’t have to mean throwing them in the trash. If a decoration is still in working order but just doesn’t fit with your style any longer, donate it. 

Separate Items by Use and Type

One of the biggest benefits of efficiently organizing your holiday decorations is not just that you keep items together but that you also make it easier to find exactly what you need as you go. 

Do it right and you won’t have to unpack a million ornaments when all you want to do is hang up your outside lights, or dig through a bunch of tinsel just to find your Christmas candlesticks.

For this step, organize based on item use and type alone. Focus solely on what goes with what, thinking in terms of when you’ll want it and, most importantly, what you’ll use it for. 

Later on you’ll be able to switch gears and figure out how to pack these items together. The exact groupings you come up with depend on what you have.

For example, you have multiple trees that you put up throughout your house and each tree has a designated set of ornaments.

Make sure to group together the ornaments that go on the same tree and keep each group separate from each other.

Untangle Strings and Strands

Don’t just leave your string lights in a pile. To keep your Christmas lights in their best shape and ensure that they work for you for years to come, you’ll need to do your best to take out and prevent any tangles. 

It’s best to have some sort of stabilizing product in place that you can wrap your lights around instead of just free-handing it. This will help ensure that everything you untangle stays untangled during storage. 

Hangers, plastic wrap, cardboard, and traditional cord reels are all easy ways to untangle your lights and keep them that way.

Separate Out Fragile and Breakable Items

Within each of your groupings you’re going to want to separate the fragile products that will need a little bit of extra TLC for proper packing. 

Still keep items grouped together, i.e. all your breakable village houses together, all your breakable general décor together, etc.

Remember that something doesn’t have to be glass or ceramic to be considered breakable. Many Christmas decorations have tiny, intricate pieces that require special care when organizing and packing. 

In general, if you’re worried it could get broken in storage, you should go ahead and separate it out into a breakables pile.

Gather Your Storage Containers and Boxes

By this point, all of your Christmas decorations will be organized into separate piles depending on their use and/or type as well as how fragile they are.

Seeing these piles should give you a very good idea about how many and what type of containers and boxes you’ll need. Plan on using a separate container or box for each of your organized piles.

Not sure whether you should use plastic containers or cardboard boxes? As a rule of thumb, you’re usually better off going with plastic containers. 

Plastic provides a bigger barrier between your items and the environment, and can best protect your decorations from moisture and dust. 

You’ll also get a ton of use out of them since you can easily use them for Christmas storage year after year.

That being said, if you don’t want to spend the money to buy plastic bins for your decorations, cardboard boxes will still get the job done efficiently. 

Just be sure not to overload any of your boxes and to check for any existing damage prior to packing them up and putting them in storage.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store christmas figurines?” and provided you with insights on how you can efficiently store your christmas ornaments without damaging them.


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