How to Store Christmas Decorations in Garage

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store christmas decorations in the garage?” and provide you with insights on how you can enhance effective storage while minimizing damage.

How to store Christmas decorations in the garage?

You can store Christmas decorations in the garage by wrapping them up completely and making sure they are put in stacks inside containers.

Have a smart holiday decoration storage plan

By putting a little extra thought into how and where your holiday decorations will be stored, you can save yourself from some future headaches.

Garages are ideal for a lot of your holiday decoration storage needs, whether you are storing decorations for Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, or holidays. 

The garage has to be used the right way when storing your holiday decorations, however, in order to maintain the functionality of the space.

Plastic storage bins are perfect for most decorations

Whether you are storing your holiday decorations in the garage or elsewhere in your home, plastic storage bins and containers make more sense than cardboard boxes.

Plastic storage bins are sturdier, stack easier and more safely, are easier to move around, and provide superior moisture protection compared to cardboard boxes. They are also not a fire hazard.

Some people prefer using clear plastic storage bins because it helps them to identify stored items quickly. 

That may sound practical, but it is probably a better idea to use non-clear, solid color containers with labels.

Holiday ornaments and lights, especially ones you have been keeping for many years, can lose their color faster if they are exposed to too much light when stored.

Fabric bags specifically made for storing holiday decorations should be stored indoors if possible, due to the higher moisture levels garages commonly have.



Use overhead racks for your holiday decoration storage

For the most effective use of your garage as a holiday decoration storage space, add some overhead storage racks.

Ceiling-mounted overhead racks take advantage of the vertical storage space in your garage’s upper reaches that is typically underutilized.

In addition to maximizing your garage’s storage space, overhead racks are also ideal for storing bulky items. 

They are also great at storing things that are infrequently used – which describes unneeded holiday decorations pretty much perfectly.

Storage bins filled with things like tree ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, holiday lights, and holiday lawn inflatables can be stashed up high.

Your daily routine can even run a little smoother simply by using this out-of-the-way storage space for your holiday decorations. 

There will not be bulky storage bins taking up valuable garage floor space, which makes parking more difficult.

And less floor clutter means extra space for keeping tools, sports equipment, and other items you use regularly, more efficiently stored and easier to access.

Additional holiday decoration storage tips

Research. When preparing your holiday decorations for storage, here are a few final tips you might find useful:

The first tip is to use bubble wrap or decoration storage containers (avoid wrapping decorations in a newspaper, as the ink rubs off).

Fragile decorations such as bauble balls will be less prone to breaking if they are stored in boxes with dividers or egg cartons that are kept in tightly sealed plastic containers.

Prevent string light tangles by using string light reels or even wrapping them around discarded wrapping paper tubes.

Declutter holiday decorations you have not used for a few years (donate any items that are still in good condition).

You should also make a list of what broken holiday decorations need to be replaced for next year.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store christmas decorations in the garage?” and provided you with insights on how you can enhance effective storage while minimizing damage.