How to Store Christmas Cake After Marzipan

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “how to store christmas cake after marzipan?” and provide you with insights on how you can easily store and utilize your holiday items more than at the holidays.

How to store a Christmas cake after marzipan?

You can store your christmas cake after marzipan by wrapping them up tightly in cling film or a ziplock bag to keep the cake moist. And then put it in the freezer.

Once tightly wrapped, secure it all with an elastic band, then keep it in an airtight container till needed.

For those who like a well-brandied cake, a little ‘feeding’ of the cake at odd intervals before Christmas will add an extra dimension to it. 

This is done by making small holes in the top and bottom of the cake with a darning needle, then spooning over teaspoonfuls of brandy to soak in through the holes and permeate the cake.

How and when to marzipan a cake?

The traditional coat of almond icing (marzipan) should be put on the cake a week before you want to ice it, to allow its oiliness to dry out. 

Cover the marzipan surface with a clean tea cloth and store it out of the tin or container. Icing is best left to the last few days – in my case often until Christmas Eve.

Applying marzipan to the cake

Marzipanning a Christmas cake is not hard, but there is a particular knack for applying it smoothly.

The first thing is to take your apricot jam and spoon at least two tablespoons into a pan. Depending on the size of your cake you may need more or less. 

Add some water to the jam to thin it out a little and then bring it slowly to the boil. Pass the jam through a sieve and then set it to one side to cool.

Take your cake and place it on a board or cake drum. Your cake is bound to be perfect, but if it is domed a little just cut the dome away to give a flat surface. 

If there are areas that are a bit uneven you can smooth these out by working some marzipan into the gaps.

Take your palette knife and apply a thin, even layer of the cooled apricot jam over the entire cake. This will help the marzipan stick securely to the cake.

Dust down your work surface with icing sugar then take your marzipan and knead it until it is nice and pliable. Once it feels soft and workable, begin to roll it out with firm but gentle pressure. 

Research. Make sure not to rush this stage as you want the marzipan to be smooth and a uniform thickness. Keep rolling until you have a circle that is big enough to cover the cake with room to spare.

Take your rolling pin and fold the marzipan over it, then lift the marzipan and roll it over the top of the cake.

Gently smooth down the marzipan with your hands, making sure to smooth out any creases and bubbles. Be careful here as if you get too enthusiastic you could tear your marzipan.

Grab your knife and trim away the excess. Because marzipan is so malleable, if you have any ragged edges you can smooth them back with your fingers.

 For a perfect, polished finish, take a cake smoother and buff over the surface. To ensure you have an even roll out of the marzipan, use spacers at either side of the cake. 

And if you are covering the cake board or drum with marzipan too, lift the cake and trim at the edges of the board or drum.

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In this brief article, we answered the question, “how to store christmas cake after marzipan?” and provided you with insights on how you can easily store and utilize your holiday items more than at the holidays.


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