How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how to store bananas to avoid fruit flies”, we will provide you a brief illustration of how to store bananas.

How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?

You can prevent fruit flies from attacking your bananas by placing them under a clear cake stand cover. You can also use fruit screens to cover your bananas. Always wash your bananas after buying to wash away any fruit fly eggs that may remain on the bananas.

The easiest and simplest method to store bananas is to keep the stems covered with the tape they accompany, this prevents the ethylene gas from getting away, which makes them ripen quicker. Naturally, flies simply attempt to inhibit overripe fruits of any sort being forgotten about.

If you are not utilizing the ripened fruit, put it in the refrigerator, this slows down the continued ripening process which attracts flies.

How Do Fruit Flies Get in the House

 we first need to go over how they get into our house in the first place.

There are two primary ways that you get natural flies in your home. One is through the openings around the edge of your home (entryways, windows, and so on) Since organic product flies are exceptionally little, they can traverse spaces that you wouldn’t anticipate. 

The alternate way that fruit flies regularly enter a house is by hitching a ride on the fruits you get back from the store. At the point when the fruit matures as it begins to spoil, it produces liquor, which thus draws in fruit flies. The fruit flies at that point crunch on the foods grown from the ground many eggs very quickly.

How to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies are pulled in generally to fruit, yet additionally to filthy dishes, litter boxes, and food waste and slime in channels.

So you need to get rid of their sources to prevent their access into the house.

  • Don’t let dirty dishes sit out
  • Clean the litter box
  • Clean the sinks
  • Put fruit and vegetables in the fridge
  • Clean the countertops
  • Toss out any overripe fruit
  • Empty the garbage
  • Clean the sink and shower drains

How to Keep Fruit Flies Off of Bananas and Other Fruit

If fruit flies have made their way into your home don’t lose hope. There are a lot of methods to get rid of the fruit flies. You have multiple methods to choose from.

Following are some of the methods:

  1. The Apple Cider Vinegar Method 

This is the strategy that I’m generally acquainted with, and it certainly works. 

Just put an open holder on your counter, add some apple juice vinegar and a couple of drops of the dishwasher to it, cover it with plastic wrap, at that point punch a couple of holes through the plastic. 

The natural product flies will arrive on top and creep through the openings to get to the apple juice vinegar. From that point, they will eventually die, as they can’t discover their way out (the dishwasher adds surface tension, making it harder to get away).

This method is quite effective for getting rid of a small number of fruit flies. It is a go-to method in your house whenever there are a few flies around.

2. The Paper Funnel Method

This method is the variation of the above method but instead of covering it with the plastic wrap take a long jar or vase, put any liquid or substance that will act as bait and attract the flies. It could be honey, rotten banana, etc.

Now, create a funnel using paper. Fit this funnel into the jar. The flies will get attracted to the liquid inside and enter the funnel but will be unable to escape.

Now place this trap in an area where there are a large number of flies.

Is it Safe to Eat Bananas with Fruit Flies

No, eating bananas with fruit flies is not recommended at all. 

Flies lay eggs onto the fruit which then hatches to form larvae.

If you ingest fruits infested with flies you may end up becoming sick from the eggs. Throw out the bananas which you suspect may have been contaminated with fruit flies.

You can wash the fruit before you eat it for the products that you’re uncertain about. 

Bananas that have the skin so you’re protected when eating bananas that they’ve slithered on. Simply investigate it and wash the skin with boiling water first. 

In any case, for the bananas that they’ve eaten or have torn skin, throw it out!

Do fruit flies make bananas rot faster

Flies rot the fruit.

They’ll gobble it up, breed, and lay eggs all in the natural fruit, which obviously will make them decay quicker. The bacteria, larvae, and eggs are generally hindering the fruit you ought to avoid. 

Keep them from getting to your fruit, at that point discard the natural products where they’re invaded. 

For the wide range of various fruits, you can wash them after you utilize the different techniques covered above to dispose of them.

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  • Ethylene gas which emits from ripe bananas is responsible for attracting fruit flies. 
  • These fruit flies can be prevented by keeping indoors tidy and clean.
  • There are a few methods to get rid of the fruit flies like the apple cider vinegar method and paper funnel method etc.

In this brief guide we answered the question “How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies”, we discussed how fruit flies can be avoided using various methods.