how to stir fry frozen vegetables in a wok

In this article we will answer the question how to stir fry frozen vegetables in a wok. 

How to stir fry frozen vegetables in a wok

First, oil the wok and heat it. Then add thawed vegetables into the wok ensuring you don’t overcrowd the wok and cook the vegetables until they are crisp and tender.

Steps to stir frozen vegetables in a wok

  • Oil the wok, let the oil cover the surface and walls of the wok. This step is to ensure that the vegetables don’t stick to the wok
  • Once the wok has turned into a non-stick, add the frozen vegetables. Ensure you don’t overcrowd the wok as this will cause the vegetables to become soggy. 
  • Remember you want to stir fry the frozen vegetables so ensure there is enough space left in the wok to stir freely
  • Once the frozen vegetables in are added to the wok cook the vegetables by stirring them, moving them in the wok continuously until they are nice crisp and tender 
  • If you don’t want to add frozen vegetables directly to the wok you can thaw them first.
  • Add vegetables in a microwave safe dish and add a few tablespoons of water in it
  • Now cook the vegetables in a defrost setting of the microwave
  • Lay the vegetables on a paper towel and pat them dry with another paper towel on top of them. 

Rules to follow during stir fry

There are a few easy rules to follow when you want to make a healthy frozen vegetable stir-fry that ensures you don’t end up with soggy vegetables. 

  1. Stir-fry doesn’t take long to cook, so make sure all your ingredients are ready before your start.
  2. Heat the wok on high flame and begin to stir-fry in a very hot skillet or wok. This is true with all stir-fries, but it’s even more important when you are using frozen vegetables.
  3. To avoid soft mushy rice, cook your rice the day before and store it in the fridge. This will allow the rice time to dry out and a bit of moisture is lost. 
  4. First add in the vegetables that take longer to cook like cauliflower and broccoli 
  5. Add vegetables that do not take much time to cook like minced garlic and ginger
  6. The frozen vegetables that are most suitable for stir fry are carrots, corn, cauliflower, cabbage. 

Frozen vegetables stir fry recipe

  • First, in a small bowl, add soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes and mix together.
  • Over high heat 
  • Heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a large skillet or wok over high heat. Once the oil is very hot and shimmering, sauté the vegetables. If you can, start with cauliflower and broccoli florets first. After 2 minutes, add the rest of the vegetables and continue cooking until they are just tender, about 3-4 minutes. Transfer the vegetables to paper towel lined plate.
  • Add the remaining vegetable oil to the skillet. Sauté the white parts of the scallions, garlic and ginger until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Stir in the rice. Pour in the soy sauce mixture letting it bubble and simmer. Continue stirring the rice for 3 minutes until the liquid has been absorbed.
  • Fold in the vegetables and the green parts of the scallions.

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