How to start a coffee shop with no money?

In this text, we will give the answer to the question: “How to open a coffee shop with no money?”. Also, we will discuss how to start a coffee shop with no money and explain what coffee shops are and what strategies to open one with little money.

How to start a coffee shop with no money?

It’s not possible to open a coffee shop without any money, you need at least some money saved to open a coffee shop. With very low investment, you can get the business up and running. So, you can borrow money that you can soon pay off the debt and make a profit.

Set up a coffee shop with little money, you need to get organized and start simple. You will need a space of at least 12 m² on a very busy street.

Coffee shops are pretty hot lately, and besides, it doesn’t take a lot of money to start your own.

What are coffee shops?

Also being able to be called only “cofe”, the coffee shops have a certain similarity with the bars and with the restaurants, however, focused on the sale of coffees – of course.

However, the truth is that many customers go to coffee shops without even drinking coffee – many even go without even liking it. This is because coffee shops also serve teas, juices and even soft drinks.

The cafeteria is also famous for serving snacks that go very well with coffee, such as various types of cakes and pies, as well as tapioca, sandwiches and savory snacks in general.

However, more than the food and drinks found in a coffee shop, it is also sought after for its ambiance, as it sells a non-palpable product called experience.

Therefore, a coffee shop needs to offer a cozy atmosphere, with great decoration, usually in warmer tones (preferably that refer to coffee, such as brown, orange, khaki and some white details).

In addition to the decor – or part of it -, there is the issue of sofas, very common in coffee shops, where friends gather as if they were in the living room of their homes, or where a person goes to have a coffee and work on their laptop comfortably.

No wonder, coffee shops in the world are more commonly found in bookstores and supermarkets.

One of the great differentials of coffee shops in relation to snack bars are espresso coffees – a fundamental piece for any coffee shop.

What do I need to sell in my coffee shop besides coffee?

In addition to coffee, it is important to offer sweets and snacks, as well as drinks. Then you will need to supply the following products:

  • Coffee (choose good coffee brands, this is key)
  • Types of coffee: with milk, weaker, stronger, with ice cream and with alcohol
  • Juices (no need to vary so much, offering orange juice is enough)
  • Teas (try offering hot teas and iced teas)
  • Snacks such as croissant, coxinha, kibbeh, saltenha, oven-baked pastries, tapioca and sandwiches
  • Sweets such as pies and cakes

What is the best location for a coffee shop?

The ideal location for a coffee shop is a busy place. Close to bookstores and centers where people usually spend the day going in and out of stores shopping, it’s an ideal spot, because there’s nothing better than sitting down to have a coffee and a good snack after shopping, isn’t it?

In addition, this location also easily allows your coffee shop to become a meeting point.

Close to shopping centers is also a great place to open your coffee shop, as it will naturally become a place where people with a more executive profile will choose to have business meetings and even to take a break from work and recharge.

Remember that you don’t need an entire establishment to set up your coffee shop, just set up a kiosk and it will be great – in addition to being much cheaper.

What is the basic structure and equipment of a coffee shop?

This is an important part of setting up a coffee shop on a budget: you will need an area of ​​at least 12 m², which will be enough to accommodate the necessary equipment.

There is some cafeteria equipment that is basic. There is a list with them for you to know:

  • Espresso machine
  • Coffee grinder or coffee capsules (depending on the espresso machine you choose to buy)
  • Freezers or refrigerators
  • Cold greenhouse
  • Hot greenhouse
  • Refrigerated balcon
  • Microwave
  • Stools and counter or tables with chairs (for customers)

To start with low investment, you can choose to rent an espresso machine or even buy a used one.

Is it worth opening a coffee shop?

The answer is yes, it’s worth opening a coffee shop these days. This is a type of business that has existed for many years and still remains firm in the market. So it’s always a good option for those who identify with the area and want to set up something different to serve the clientele.

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In this text, we gave the answer to the question: “How to open a coffee shop with no money?”. Also, we discussed how to start a coffee shop with no money and explained what coffee shops are and what strategies to open one on a budget.