How to soften onion powder?

In this article, we are going to answer the question “How to soften onion powder?” and learn how to prevent it from hardening. To gather all the information altogether, be on the article till the end!

How to soften onion powder?

Before using in any food item, the clumped onion powder has to be again brought into powdered form. There are various ways of doing so such as:

  • Use spoon or fork 

Take the caked onion in a bowl. Use a steel spoon or a fork gently to break it into powdered form. Carry on the process until it reaches the powdered form. Pour back it into the seasoning jars or into the container it came in. 

  • Use a strainer

Firstly break the lump of onion cake into powdered form. After that, strain it into a bowl to recheck if all the clumps are removed or not. Put the powder back into a dry container.

  • Use a blender

Take some quantity of the solid lump and put it into the electric or hand-mixing blender. Blend it till the powdered form is attained. Take out the powder and put it back in airtight containers.

  • Use of rice

Add 6-10 grams of uncooked rice into a jar and along with it put the lump of onion powder. Since white rice is a good moisture absorber, it will help in breaking the clumps into powdered form. Store the onion powder back into a tight life dry jar, and cool place to avoid further caking.

How does onion powder harden?

Well, while preparing onion powder, 96 percent of the water is removed. Therefore, when the powdered onion is not stored properly it results in absorption of moisture. When the dehydrated onion powder is exposed to moisture and humidity, it forms clumps.

How to prevent the onion powder from hardening? 

Here are some methods of preventing onion powder from clumping. So that It can be used for a long time without worrying about anything. Worries? Yes, I have guessed right! Worries about cutting onions for daily meals. Also, how can we forget about the tears!

This onion powder serves as a great seasoning in yummy food dishes, such as pizza, pasta, grilled chicken with no change in the intensity of flavor.

Let us look into some preventive methods to avoid onion powder from taking:

  • Prepare the powder before storing

Dried products should be stored in low humidity. At home how can we do it? Let’s have a look! Allow the powder to settle for a while at room temperature. Put it in the airtight bottles and shake the bottles now and then so that the moisture which accumulates outside the bottle, cannot make its way inside.

  • Re-dry the powder

Another effective way to avoid clumps in onion powder is to keep drying it at regular intervals. Take out the powder in a paper or tray, cover it with a net and allow it to dry at low temperature. Before inserting it into the bottles, bring it again to normal room temperature.

  • Airtight bottles

It is always advised to store the dehydrated onion powder in airtight jars and containers rather than storing it in zipped bags or normal bottles. 

Airtight might be of the following types: Airtight plastic containers, glass jars with tight lids, sterile bags, etc. Also, another important point is that it should always be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place such that it does not come in contact with light.  

  • Dry in oven

It is always recommended to dry the onions in the oven before grinding and storing them. The unground onions stay longer than the grinded ones. Therefore, only small portions should be grounded before using in any recipe and stored in small containers for daily use purposes.

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It’s always better to keep on shifting the powder from one container to another regularly. Also, as mentioned above, do not forget to follow the preventive measures rather than storing the onion powder for prolonged periods. 

Hence, no need to worry even if your onion powder is clumping. Use it without any fear. Eat hearty!


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