How to save cucumber seeds for next year?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question, “How to save cucumber seeds for next year?”

How to save cucumber seeds for next year?

To save the seeds from cucumbers, cut the fruit in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds as well as any pulp that may be around them from the seed cavity. 

Put the seed and pulp mixture that you have gathered into a jar or pail and add some water to it. In order to separate the pulp from the seeds, the mixture must first undergo fermentation for one to three days.

Separate the seeds in plant hybrid varieties

If you want to conserve seeds from a full hybrid variety of cucumber, the first thing you need to do is separate your plant from the others before it produces fruit. 

To accomplish this, you must first determine whether blossoms are female by searching for a small structure that resembles a cucumber at the base of the flower. 

Once you have determined which flowers are female, you can place each one in a separate bag made of spun polyester or cotton. 

This will prevent insects from accidentally fertilizing the flowers with pollen from a different plant, which could result in undesired offspring. 

Because a single cucumber fruit can generate hundreds of seeds, it is not necessary to identify and label all of the blooms on the plant in order to save seeds; rather, you should only do so for the flowers that will mature into fruits. 

Proceed in the same manner with some neighboring male blooms, making sure to label the bags after each step. Constructing a cage that completely encloses the cucumber plant is still another method that provides a higher level of protection for the plant. 

This kind of do-it-yourself device, which is often constructed with a wooden or PVC frame that has been covered in a spun polyester screen, also does an excellent job of excluding pollinators.

Perform Flower Pollination by Hand 

Because you do not want hybrid cucumber plants to be pollinated by insects and produce infertile seeds, this is the stage of the process in which you must take on the role of Mother Nature. 

To ensure that the flowers you intend to harvest for seeds are fertile, you must first remove the pollen from a male cucumber flower that has been stored in a bag using a thin brush. 

After that, carefully apply the pollen to the stigma located in the middle of the female flowers that have been bagged.

You should re-bag the female blossom until it begins to ripen into a fruit. Not only will this be a wonderful reward for all of your hard work, but the existence of a cucumber will confirm that your hand-pollination procedures were successful. 

At this time, it is safe for you to remove the bags from all of your cucumber plants. However, you should be sure to keep the female fruit tagged so that you don’t forget to harvest it for seed and it doesn’t wind up in a salad by accident. 

Cucumbers that are going to be grown specifically for the purpose of producing seed have to be allowed to reach full maturity and then left on the vine well after the point at which they are no longer edible. 

You’ll be able to tell that it’s time to harvest the cucumber because it will be larger than its typical harvest size and will begin to soften while it’s still on the vine. 

The cucumber’s color may also shift from green to yellowish or orange, which is another good indication that it’s ready to be picked.

It is essential to maintain a close eye on the cucumbers that you will be collecting during the season to ensure that they do not exhibit any signs that could indicate they are infected with a disease.

How to harvest Cucumber seed?

To Collect Seeds from a Cucumber In light of all of this, my opinion is that gardening is all about trying new things, so why not give it a shot. Choose cucumber types to save seeds that have the lowest risk of needing to be isolated due to open pollination. 

Some examples of such kinds are Armenian cucumbers, West Indian gherkins, and serpent gourds, all of which are members of different families and will not cross. 

Grow only one variety or keep them apart by a distance of one half mile (805 meters) in order to prevent the risk of cross pollination

Choose seed from only disease-free plants that produce the most delectable fruit if you want your collection of cucumber seeds to be as good as it can be. 

Because the seed must be collected after the fruit is fully developed, the cucumber should be left on the vine well beyond the point at which it is edible, which occurs close to the end of the growing season.


In this brief article, we  answer the question, “How to save cucumber seeds for next year?”