how to reset Bosch Dishwasher? (1 Highlighted Aspect)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘how to reset Bosch Dishwasher’. We will discuss how Bosch Dishwasher works, resets, and differs from other brands of Dishwashers.

How to reset Bosch Dishwasher?

To reset a modern Bosch Dishwasher, press down the start button for 3 to 5 seconds, while for an obsolete model of Bosh Dishwasher, press the regular wash button and the rinse and hold button together.

How does a Dishwasher work?

Hot water sprints inside the dishwasher to loosen the food particles on the utensils’ surfaces and also kills germs that feast on these residues. The water temperature varies with different wash cycles determines how fast and how clean your dishes get. The Main Cycle of a dishwasher operates at 130 to 150 F where water dissolves the detergent and uses high-pressure squirts of water to wash the dishes free of food debris. 

When the dishwasher has used the detergent to scrub and make the dishes clean, it now proceeds to rinse them at a temperature of 180 F. The high temperature ensures that the detergent gets washed off from the utensils. Any residual detergent is also cautiously removed by the dishwasher to make the dishes safe to use again.

What causes disruption in a Bosch Dishwasher?

Bosh Dishwasher differs slightly from other modern dishwashers. In other brands, you can pause the dishwash cycle, if you need to add any more dishes. When you open the door, it will pause the wash cycle if the soap has not yet been released. When the door is closed the dishwasher continues to do its job. However, Bosh Dishwasher does not come with this feature. Bosh Dishwashers are usually not designed to continue the wash cycle after you shut the door back up.

When faced with such a circumstance, the wash cycle becomes interrupted or paused. Hence, if this happens, you will be unable to resume the dishwasher cycle even if you turn the machine on and off. The red light on with no action in the dishwasher leads you to think that the dishwasher is broken.

To take care of the above problem; follow the guide below. 

The first step is to locate the control panel of the dishwasher if it is front-facing or upward facing, which will then guide you further along the process.

For the Front-Facing Control Panel 

  1. Press the door firmly, then press the start button.
  2. Wait for 5 seconds.
  3. In case the dishwasher produces the sound of a working pump or a motor, the paused cycle state was enabled.

For the Upward-Facing Control Panel

  1. The controls would be incognito and difficult to locate. Look beneath the countertop with the door of the dishwasher closed.
  2. Open the door, press firmly, and let go of the start button.
  3. Close the door back until it latches.
  4. Wait for 5 seconds.
  5. The dishwasher cycle will unpause; indicated by the sound of the motor and the light which signals that the wash cycle is on.

You could opt to rest the dishwasher if you do not want to resume the cycle:

To reset a dishwasher, you need to identify the reset button. The reset button is usually marked by an asterisk and conventionally has reset printed onto it.

However, Bosh Dishwashers usually have either a start button or a key dance instead of reset. Your modern Bosh Dishwasher might have a start button instead of the reset button; while the old Bosh Dishwasher will have a cancel or drain button.

  • To reset a modern Bosh Dishwasher, press down the start button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • To reset an obsolete model of Bosh Dishwasher, there is a button sequence which we could also refer to as the key dance.

First, press the regular wash button and rinse and hold the button together for 3-5 seconds. Ensure that the door is shut before you press the buttons.

When a dishwasher resets, it turns the drain pump on and gets rid of all the water. After the drainage cycle completes, the system signals that the cycle is complete and switches to a standby mode.

If you press the on/off button on a Bosch Dishwasher, it will not reset it. If you would like to perform a hard reset on a Bosch dishwasher, find the circuit breaker box and switch the dishwasher’s access to the circuit box to the off position. 

To reset a Dishwasher, press the start/reset button on the dishwasher. The dishwasher will take a few minutes to start up. If your Bosh Dishwasher still doesn’t start, you may need to reboot the entire circuit which provides electricity to power the Bosh Dishwasher. To reboot, cut the power supply to the appliance, from the circuit breaker or fuse box.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘how to reset Bosch Dishwasher’. We discussed how Bosch Dishwasher works, resets, and differs from other brands of Dishwashers.

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