How to remove static electricity from the coffee grinder? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to remove static electricity from the coffee grinder?” tips to keep in mind while buying grinders and other tips to reduce static.

How to remove static electricity from the coffee grinder?

To remove static electricity from the coffee grinder, add water to the coffee beans in the grinder using a spoon handle. 

You need not worry about the coffee grinder getting affected with just a few drops of water. Coffee beans any which may contain a little amount of moisture which is dealt with by the grinder.

You can use even your fingers to add moisture to the beans by dipping your fingers in a cup of water. Now using your fingers, stir the beans so that it takes in the moisture. 

You can also spray water into the coffee beans using a sprayer but stirring would be required to mix the water. If you are afraid of adding too much water to the grinder, you can add a few drops of water into a paper towel and touch the hopper using this towel.

Why does static electricity make your coffee grounds fly all over?

There is an imbalance between the charge of the coffee grounds as well as the grinder. The particles and the grinder start behaving repelling each other because of this imbalance which is much similar to the north and south poles of a magnet. This makes the coffee grounds fly all over the place while grinding them.

Water will help in reducing this imbalance and prevent the coffee grounds from flying all over the place. This does not mean that you should use large amounts of water. Using excessive amounts of water can increase the risks of developing rust on the mixer.

Also, the water should only be added to the coffee grounds before you grind them. If you keep the water in contact with the beans for a long time, the compounds present in coffee would break down leading to loss of flavor of the grounds. Also, remember to use water only for single dosing.

This technique though might not be recommended to be used for certain grinders like Setti 270wi Baratza.

Is there are a coffee grinder that can help in holding the grounds?

You can also try using a coffee grinder having a metal chamber. This is because metal can conduct electricity and might help in holding few grounds while keeping their charge.

What are the other ways to hold your grounds in place?

  • Humid or wet environments are much likely to hold the coffee grounds than drier environments. You can try moving to an area that is humid or rains all day, if possible!
  • Wait for a few minutes to let the static dissipate. Grind the coffee and wait for a few minutes before taking out the coffee grounds. Place the grinding chamber on the kitchen counter and only then open the lid.

In the case of a medium ground coffee wait for 5 minutes before removing the lid. For finely ground coffee, wait for 8-10 minutes. For coarsely ground coffee, wait for 2-3 minutes.

  • Before you remove the coffee grounds, make sure to tap the grinder and chamber. This would help in reducing the static and also dislodge a little bit of the grounds.
  • Avoid buying grinders that are made up of cheap plastic. This is because plastic is an insulator.

What needs to be kept in mind while buying a coffee grinder to reduce static?

  • As mentioned before, avoid buying grinders made out of cheap plastic. If the grinder is made out of better stuff, there would be a lesser issue of static electricity.
  • Clean the grinder and the parts of the grinder regularly. If your grinder is dirty, there is likely to be more static. More leftover coffee grounds can incite more imbalance leading to more static.
  • Opt for grinders that have the ability to remove their parts. This would help in easing the cleaning process. If the grinder has removable parts, make sure to disassemble them and clean them regularly.
  • Look out for coffee grinders that have a metal catch bin. This would not reduce the static present in the grinder but it would collect the coffee grounds and prevent them from flying!
  • You can also try using a hand grinder containing a glass receptacle to reduce the hassle of static.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to remove static electricity from the coffee grinder?” tips to keep in mind while buying grinders and other tips to reduce static.


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