How to remove Hatchimal from an egg?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to remove Hatchimal from an egg?”

How to remove Hatchimal from an egg?

Rubbing the bottom of the toy gently can help in removing the hatchimal from an egg. If you peck the eggshell, the Hatchimal would peck back. It is important to interact with the egg a little bit to make the Hatchimal come out from an egg.

What exactly are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are electronic toys that are present inside the eggshells. The toys are enclosed in plastic eggs. According to the maker of the toy for the hatchimal to come out of the eggshells, the individual has to rub the bottom of the egg.

Should you hold the egg while hatching it?

Yes, you should hold the egg while it is hatching. If the egg is kept down while it is being hatched, the egg would not hatch at all. As mentioned before, it is important to constantly interact with the egg for it to hatch.

Keep touching and rubbing the egg repeatedly until the egg has finished hatching. The egg has divisions on top and bottom. Rubbing on top and bottom can activate the hatching process and prompt the toy to come out of the egg.

Rub your hands along the sides as well as the top and bottom of the egg.

How long does it take for a Hatchimal to hatch?

It takes at least 25 minutes to hatch the hatchimal to respond to the individual’s rubs and touches. The hatching process could take from 40 minutes to an hour. The speed with which the hatchimal comes out would depend on how much you rub the egg as well as tap the egg.

What are some conditions to keep in mind while rubbing a Hatchimal?

  • If your Hatchimal is noisy even before you start rubbing it, it won’t hatch. This is because the Hatchimal would not be able to respond to your commands unless it is asleep.

To make the Hatchimal asleep, turn it upside down. Wait for 8-10 seconds to allow the Hatchimal to sleep. After the Hatchimal sleeps, turn it over and then start rubbing the egg.

  • Even during the hatching process, the Hatchimal process can fall asleep. In this scenario, take your egg and shake it vigorously. Twist and shake the egg.
  • If your egg is not hatching, you can place the egg on the floor or the table for 3 seconds. This can enable the Hatchimal present in the egg to sleep. Remove your hands from the egg before placing it on the table or floor.

This would cause the toy to sleep. After a while, you can start rubbing the toy again to help it to respond to your commands. If the Hatchimal does not sleep by the given technique, turn it upside down for 8 seconds.

Can you help the Hatchimal to come out of the egg?

Yes, you can help the Hatchimal to come out off the egg by breaking some part of the shell while the Hatchimal is trying to break the egg. The toy would not completely break off the egg.

The company recommends discarding the remaining shell, once the Hatchimal has come out of the egg. The top of the egg can also be removed and discarded.

What are the stages of the Hatchimals?

The first stage of the Hatchimal is an egg wherein you have to rub, tilt and peck the egg to interact with it.

The second stage would include hatching wherein the hatchimal has to come out of the egg through rubbing the egg.

The third stage of the Hatchimal would include a baby. You would have to feed, cuddle, and comfort it.

The fourth stage includes a toddler. You would have to teach to talk and walk the hatchimal. The dance game would also be unlocked at this stage.

The fifth stage would include a kid. In this stage, more games would be unlocked.

What do the colors in the Hatchimal denote?

ColorWhat it denotes
PinkHold the egg’s bottom or pat it.
RedRub the egg’s bottom. It denotes that the Hatchimal is angry or upset.
OrangePat the head or bottom of the egg or tilt it forward. It indicates that the Hatchimal wishes to burp.
GreenIt indicates the belly of the Hatchimal needs to be squeezed and it needs to vomit.
BlueIt indicates that the top or bottom of the egg needs to be rubbed and it is scared.
Purple It indicates that the hatchimal is hungry and it needs to be tilted forward.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to remove hatchimal from an egg?”


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