How to remove coffee stains from paper?

In this article, we will give you tips on how to remove coffee stains from paper. In addition, we will give a step-by-step guide on how to remove coffee stains from paper and what materials to use to do this recovery.

How to remove coffee stains from paper?

Moistening a clean, dry cloth with white vinegar or alcohol can help! Simply remove excess coffee with a paper towel and then rub the cloth dampened by the stain. You will see how, little by little, it will come out.

What care should be taken when removing coffee stains from paper?

Coffee is one of the greatest traditions of the world. We drink coffee to wake up, offer it to visitors at home, at that time of break from work, to study better, in short: the cup of coffee is part of everyday life. However, this pleasant moment can have an obstacle: when it accidentally falls into some important document or paper.

Know that you should be very careful with the products you use, as it can definitely damage the paper and even burn your hand. Anyway, note that existing techniques cannot be used on very old paper as it will spoil it.

You picked up your coffee mug and found a ring on the page of an expensive textbook. Or maybe you’ve placed some important documents on a dirty kitchen counter and they’re now stained with coffee. Do not panic! This article will teach you how to remove these stains without further damaging the material.

The option to fabric for a dry coffee stain is baking soda. Apply a little of the product on top of the stain and mix it with a little warm water. Wait a few minutes for the bicarbonate to act on the fabric and that’s it: your clothes without coffee stains!

Act fast. This is the most important step for proper stain removal. The faster you start cleaning, the better the results. Stains left for too long begin to “set in” and become more difficult to remove

Assess the damage. Does the item have salvation? Spot removal is often reserved for small discolored parts. You can clean some tea, but there’s nothing you can do for the paper that’s been soaked by an entire kettle.

What are the steps to remove coffee stains from paper?

If you happen to find smudges and dots on documents in your home, don’t be alarmed. It could be because the papers are old and have absorbed air and liquids over time. Although stains are the result of years of exposure to air or liquid spills, you can try to remove them. 

There is no need to take the papers to a professional unless they are valuable and must be preserved.

If coffee has fallen on some sheets of the book, try to clean as quickly as possible so the coffee doesn’t dry out and stick the sheets together.

Absorb as much of the liquid as you can using a folded dry paper towel. If it gets saturated, get a new one to soak up the rest. Gently tapping will reduce the size of the stain without spreading the liquid.

Clean and dry a waterproof surface and place the sheet on top of it. The work area needs to be clean, otherwise you’ll have another stain to get rid of! Secure two or more corners of the paper using clean, waterproof objects. This measure decreases the chance of the page being bookmarked.

Moisten a clean paper towel and gently apply it to the stain. Repeat with other sheets of paper towels until you no longer see the color coming out of them.

Most of the pigment in water-based stains that are still wet can be removed with this method alone. If the stain persists, go to the next step.

In a bowl mix 178 ml of white vinegar with 60 ml of water. Place the stained leaves into the mixture long enough to soak them, but not long enough for the vinegar to penetrate too far into the leaves. Be careful not to get other parts of the book wet!

Remove the book from the vinegar mixture and place it on a dry towel. Place paper towels behind and in front of the sheets, and pat (not rub) with the paper towels and the sheet in the middle. Continue to do this until you notice that the paper towel is no longer absorbing.


In this article, we gave you tips on how to remove coffee stains from paper. In addition, we gave a step-by-step guide on how to remove coffee stains from paper and what materials to use to do this recovery.


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