How to remove burnt sugar from the stovetop? (5 Methods)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘how to remove burnt sugar from the stovetop?’. We will discuss multiple ways to remove burnt sugar off the stove. We will also discuss the caution needed for glass stovetops and some efficient ways to clean up glass stovetops and metal stovetops.

How to remove burnt sugar from the stovetop?

To remove burnt sugar, use heated water and a gentle wiping cloth to melt and clean away the burnt sugar. For more stubborn burnt sugar stains, pour an acid such as vinegar and baking soda over it to let fizzing occur.

Is it difficult to clean up burnt sugar off the stovetop? (A Few Prerequisites)

Burnt sugar can be difficult to remove especially if you have a stove with a glass top. For steel stoves it may be easy to clean the burnt sugar but if you have a glass stove and you intend to cook with sugar, practice extra caution.

To clean burnt sugar is a possible task, however, it requires you have the right tools and instruction to follow through. 

If you have a glass top, be careful when you work with sugar. If the sugar boils over, it could pit your glass stove and cause permanent damage. Be careful not to cause spillage while making the orange glaze, fudge, or anything that could spill over the stove. 

Try to move the stove, if necessary. You could try using any, or more than one item to clean behind the stove. However, keep in mind that the firmer and thicker the burnt sugar is, the stronger the chemicals you need. If you use household chemicals such as baking soda or vinegar, you will need to let them soak the burnt sugar for days.

You could use the following agents to help you clean, though require you to wet or dampen the stove. Make sure to unplug and remove any contact with electricity, to carry out the cleaning procedure safely. After cleaning and clean water rinsing are complete, let the stove air for a few hours. Plug the appliances only after you are sure that the area is completely dry.

The Following methods will enable you to wipe burnt sugar off the stovetop:

Method 1- Act Quickly

If you can, wipe the burnt sugar as soon as it spills before it hardens. After it dries off, it can be hard to remove. Use a cloth, soaked in warm water and put it over the sugar stain. Wait until the sugar melts off.

Method 2- Heat up the stove

Turn the stove on high power, to make the glass stove or the steel stove very hot. Then, put a damp cloth over it to make the sugar stick on it. Carefully remove the cloth with a pair of tongs.

Method 3- Scrape it off (Steel Stovetop only)

If you have a steel or metal stove, you can scrape it off, however, for glass or ceramic stoves, you need to be gentle to prevent them from getting damaged. Use a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to get rid of the freshly scrubbed sugar. Wipe and remove the dislodged particle. If necessary, repeat the scraping process.

Use a Razor

A razor with a single blade works well in scraping away the burnt sugar, refrain from using a carbide scraper blade. You can use it for both steel stoves and glass stoves, however, for a glass stove, you need to be gentle to make sure that the glass surface does not scratch. Do not dig or chip to prevent the stove from getting harmed.

Before you proceed to discussing chemicals and cleaning agents, you can pull the stove away from the wall to reach the secluded corners. 

Method 4 – Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

To clean the stuck on burnt sugar, make a vinegar mixture and generously pour it on the stove. Use two parts water to one part vinegar and; soak the surface of the stove in the solution overnight or longer. Vinegar is an acid, therefore, makes a terrific cleaning agent. If you heat the solution, it will make the process easier for you. 

Pour a bit of baking soda over the vinegar or the acid solution. The foaming chemical reaction will speed up the process for you. Baking soda is basic, it reacts with the acid; the vinegar and a neutralization reaction occurs.

Use a dishwashing brush to scrub your steel stovetop or a scrubbing pad and clear the burnt sugar. You could also use a sponge or a brush with bristles to let it loose. Again, refrain from using any such tool to clean a glass stove as scratching and scouring could cause serious damage.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘how to remove burnt sugar from the stovetop?’. We discussed multiple ways to remove burnt sugar off the stove. We also discussed the caution needed for glass stovetops and some efficient ways to clean up glass stovetops and metal stovetops.

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