How to recharge a mini-fridge?

This article will answer the question “How to recharge a mini-fridge?” and where and how you can sell your mini-fridge?

How to recharge a mini-fridge?

  1. Empty your mini-fridge of all the perishables and unplug it to make sure the power supply is cut off. Move the min-fridge in the center of the room. 
  1. At the bottom of the fridge, access the black cylindrical box or the compressor of the fridge.
  1. After opening the compressor’s intake valve, attach the valve to the vacuum pump.
  1. It is crucial to empty your mini-fridge of the residual freon so that you never refill the compressor and the risk of leaking is eliminated.
  1. Join the hose from the freon cylinder to the compressor valve. Make sure the attachment is tight and secure. Do not forget to close the intake valve of the compressor after removing all the freon.

Where can I sell my mini-fridge?

Sell it on craigslist 

Craigslist is a great option If you want to sell your used mini fridge that is in working condition. Just list your mini fridge on sale for a reasonable price and the interested people will get in contact with you.

Sell it on a yard sale 

Arrange a yard sale to sell your mini-fridge along with some other items or appliances from your garage that you no longer use. Promote your yard sale in local papers and on Craigslist to attract the audience. 

Add the offer for delivery and list the delivery price. Here you can add your profit and get some extra cash from your sale.

Sell the scrap metal in it 

This is a great option if your mini-fridge is no longer working. Sell the scrap metal parts to scrap metal companies or individual recyclers. You can add profit. 

Got Scarp is a great website to sell and buy scrap parts from old appliances that are not in working condition. If you fail to navigate any recyclers through these websites, try Yelp. This website gives you information about authentic scrap recyclers. 

Call an appliance recycling center 

Appliance recycling centers take your old appliances and give you cash for them. Some companies might charge money from you for bringing up the appliance. These recycling centers even pay you for aluminum cans. So, take other such items with you that might bring cash.

Call local power companies 

These companies might give you a refund or pay you in cash for your old appliances. Search for nearby appliance rebates on the ‘Energy Star website’. For an old working fridge, they might pay you around $35 and offer pickup as well.

Best apps and sites for selling used appliances that pay you in cash

5Miles, LetGo, OfferUp, Shpock, VarageSale, Mercari, Wallapop, Depop, Tradyo, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay are some of the best sites to list and price your old appliances like a used mini fridge and get cash in return. 

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Tips for selling used appliances on Craigslist 

Take good photos of the appliance 

A photograph immediately gives the buyer an idea of what the appliance looks like and the appliance’s condition. Make sure the photos are clear and do not forget to show any damage or scratches to your customer. 

This builds a level of trust and the customer is not surprised when he sees the appliance in reality. 

Create an attractive headline 

The title of your offer will get you views and clicks. Write more specific and attention-grabbing titles that catch the eye. 

So instead of going “Used Refrigerator for Sale”, write “rarely used silver Kenmore refrigerator for sale” instead. Do not forget to include your appliance’s best features in the headline.

Honesty is the key 

Make sure to inform your customer about the condition and the history of your appliance. Therefore include the scratches or any other kind of damage that your appliance has, in your listing. 

This gives a clear message to the customer that the seller won’t be wasting his time so he is naturally attracted to the offer.

Inform the customers about the add-ons

Include the recent upgrades and repairs in your listing. Be it one replacement or two, you must inform the potential buyer about it in your listing. An old item with a recently repaired part will naturally attract more audience.

Add dimensions in your listing 

The weight and size of the appliance are an important part of the listing. It helps the potential buyer estimate If the appliance will be able to fit in their house or not. 

List your location 

Listing your location is very important. It helps the potential buyer to judge If they are willing to travel long distances or not.

Link to useful resources 

A listing with links to information and reviews online stands apart. This additional information encourages a quick sale.


This article answered the question “How to recharge a mini-fridge?” and where and how you can sell your min-fridge?


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