How To Preserve Vape Juice (3 ways)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How to preserve vape juice?”, and discuss the different methods of preserving vape juice and the potential implications of preserving vape juice.

How To Preserve Vape Juice

One can preserve vape juice in the following ways. That is by storing them in dark, in air-tight sealed containers, in inert containers such as glass. Vape juice can be considered a chemical mixture, but even as such, it needs to be treated the same way we treat our food.

Good Storage Spot

Above all other things, what is required is to want vape juice fresh. Same as with food, it would be best to keep the juice in a cold place, derived from sunlight, such as a refrigerator. If storing in a fridge is not a possibility then any other dark and dry place that’s sufficiently cold.  For instance, talking about boxes, shelves, drawers, and similar places. 

Storage spaces that are at the reach of the hand are always the best option. Another factor to focus on is the lack of light, air, and heat. The vape juice should not be anywhere near these three elements. One of the imaginative choices could be the shoebox that one certainly has under the bed. It’s there within hand’s reach, dark, cold, and cozy. This is effective if the vape juice is going to be used within six months. If it has to be stored for the long run, the best way to go is to put it in a freezer.

Aim For Glass Containers, Not Plastic Ones

It’s not the same if the vape juice is to be stored in the short term or the long run. If the latter one is what one wants to do, then going with glass is what one must do. Short-term solutions can be done with plastic.

 For the long haul,  one would need glass, as plastic is suitable only for a couple of months. The reason is simple chemistry: plastic can interact with vape juice, especially if one doesn’t pay attention, and it gets exposed to light and heat. If this happens, the flavor of the juice could change, and this is the last thing anyone wants to happen. 

Another reason is that plastic containers can allow for air to flow in, and this can also affect the stored substance. Glass surely is pricier, but its traits are what it counts, and they’re worth every penny.

Seal Your Vape Juice Bottle

Vape juice can surely do without any air unlike us. To be sure that air has no way of entering the Vape Juice container, one must make sure that there is a need to seal the container tightly.

Air can quickly degrade the vape juice, so even when taking some from the bottle for usage, always be sure that air has little access to it. When deciding on the package, it is a must to make sure that one has both big ones and small ones. 

The big one should be the one stored away from the best it could be, while the small ones should serve one person using it for everyday use.

In both cases, one needs to make sure that they’re tightly sealed and kept the way it is explained above.

All of these tips shared here have the goal to help solve the problem of spoilage of vape juice and concerns with the proper storage of the vape juice. This also helps in saving money in the process. 

Both of these things can be achieved easily just by staying loyal to the tips given to store the vape juice and preserve it for longer use.

If the following tips aren’t followed, the juice can get corrupted and unusable. This is why it’s essential to follow the tips adequately for storing it.

The goal needs to be to prolong the lifespan of the vape juice used to keep it as clean as possible and not to lose any of the flavors obtained through your mixture. 

If one is one of those people who buy their favorite blend from companies such as vapor solo, there’s even more reason to preserve that super quality product one purchased. The vape juice one is about to store needs to be treated as an investment, and thus it needs good care on the person’s side who is storing the juice. 

Follow the basic guidelines, and there won’t be any worries regarding your juice.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to preserve vape juice?”, and discussed the different methods of preserving vape juice and the potential implications of preserving vape juice.

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