How to preserve plums?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” how to preserve plums’ ‘ with an in-depth analysis of preserving plums using different methods.

How to preserve plums?

The simplest approach is to slice and pit the plums, then arrange them in a single layer, skin-side down, on a rimmed baking sheet. Place the sheet of paper in the freezer. Transfer the slices to a freezer bag once they’ve hardened.

Before you start preserving plums, there are a few things you should know.

  1. When buying plums for preserving, make sure to look at the quality of the fruit you’re buying:
  2. Use ripe plums that are ripe yet firm when you touch them.
  3. Use only plums with healthy skin.
  4. Remove any mushy plums or fruits that have decaying stains.

Canning plums

Plums can be canned for use all year. Plums can be canned in water, juice, or syrup as halves or holes (with or without pits).

To prevent the skin from popping while canning whole plums, pierce the outsides with a toothpick, fork, or knife. They’ll keep their shape in the jar better if there’s some room for expansion.

Freezing plums

One of the simplest ways to preserve plums is to freeze them: it doesn’t take much time or require any special equipment. There are two methods for freezing plums, depending on how you intend to use them.

All you need is

Start by carefully washing and drying plums before freezing them. To get rid of the pit, split them in half.

Freeze Plums as a Whole

  1. Put the halves back together to keep the plums fresh.
  2. In your reusable containers, layer them gently one on top of the other.
  3. It’s recommended to split out the plums for this procedure so that one recipe’s worth of plums can be frozen in one container.

Flash Freeze Plums

  1. A silicone baking mat should be used to line a baking sheet. They make removing frozen fruit from the tray a breeze, and they can be reused.
  2. Cut the plums into smaller bits and set them on the parchment-lined baking sheet, making sure they aren’t touching.
  3. Place the plums in the freezer for about 30 minutes, or until they are firm.
  4. Retrieve the plum slices from the tray and store them in a reusable container before returning them to the freezer.

Frozen plums will last at least six months in the freezer. Defrosted plums can be baked with, added to smoothies or sauces, or later made into jams or chutneys.

Drying Plums/ Making Prunes

  1. You probably will not have a food dehydrator at home unless you’re a dried fruit fanatic. This method of preservation of plums by oven drying takes a lot of energy because they have to sit in the oven for around eight hours. Try drying a few different things at once to save energy.
  2. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the fruit.
  3. To remove the pit, cut into the side of each plum.
  4. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, using the convection option if one is available.
  5. Place a baking rack on top of a lined baking tray and arrange the plums on it.
  6. The amount of time you bake depends on your preferences; examine the fruit every hour or so till it reaches the required dryness.
  7. Store in sealed containers for up to two months at room temperature or up to six months in the freezer.

Preserving Plums As Jams, Chutneys, and Sauces

Keep plums in glass jars that can be used again and again. When it comes to the preservation of plums, this is the most well-known approach. The possibilities for preserving plums in sauces or jams are endless, so we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites to share.

Plum Chutney: 

Plums, apples, shallots, oil, red wine, mustard, sugar, and spices combine in this fragrant concoction. It’s a great addition to sandwiches, meats, and cheeses, and it can even be used in place of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner.

Plum Jam: 

The nicest part about making plum jam is that you don’t need to use any pectin. Because plums have a moderate amount of pectin, all you need is plums, water, lemon juice, and sometimes a little sugar.

Plum and Apple Sauce: 

When cooking applesauce, try adding plums to the mix.

Here, you can find how to bottle plums.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” how to preserve plums’ ‘ with an in-depth analysis of preserving plums using different methods.

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