How to preserve moss

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “how to preserve moss”, and discuss the different methods to preserve moss.

How to preserve moss?

Moss can be preserved in 2 ways.

  1. Using a preservation mix of methyl hydrate, glycerin, and water
  2. Drying

Drying moss

It is really easy to dry moss at home. You can air-dry the moss or dry it in the oven.

Clean the moss before drying. If you buy moss, you can skip the cleaning step.

To clean moss

  • Collect moss from the garden.
  • Remove any twigs and debris from the moss.
  • Wash the moss in water to clean it.

Air drying moss

  • Spread out the moss on paper towels.
  • Place a wire mesh on top to prevent the moss from blowing away.
  • Allow it to dry for a few days.

Oven drying moss

  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Use many parchment papers if possible.
  • Arrange the moss on the parchment paper. Arrange moss in a single layer. This will reduce the drying time.
  • Place the moss in the oven.
  • Turn on the oven to the lowest heat setting. Leave the oven door slightly open. This will allow air circulation.
  • After 10 minutes, turn over the moss. This will allow it to dry out evenly.

Store the dried moss inside an airtight container or a ziplock bag.

What is the difference between preserved and dry moss?

There is a difference between preserving moss with glycerin and methyl hydrate and drying moss. Preserved moss is dead and cannot be rehydrated. Dried moss however can be rehydrated when needed.

Dried moss is simply dehydrated and water will bring it back to life.

How to clean moss for preservation?

You can preserve either store-bought moss or moss harvested at home. If you are preserving harvested moss, you must clean it to remove bacteria, fungi, and other debris.

To clean the moss, remove the roots, rinse it in water and allow it to dry. You can place the moss in a sieve to drain out the water and then gently blot dry using a paper towel. Now the moss is ready to be preserved.

  • Making the preservation mixture: Mix 1 part of methyl hydrate with 2 parts of glycerine and 3 parts of water in a large bowl.
  • Soak the moss in the preservation mixture. Leave it in place for about 10 minutes. If the moss keeps floating to the top, weigh it down with a plastic sheet with a small weight on top.
  • Remove the moss from the preservation mix. Gently squeeze it to remove excess liquid. Then spread out the moss on paper towels and allow it to dry. 
  • You can store preserved moss in a plastic bag until you need to use them.

How to restore the color of preserved moss?

Moss can lose its color when preserved. To get back to color, you can use food coloring, dyes, or acrylic paint.

Color can be added to moss during the preservation or afterward.

What is the lifespan of preserved moss?

Preserved moss can last from 2-8 years. It depends on the surrounding conditions. If moss is left at high temperatures in direct sunlight, the color will fade away faster.

Dried moss can be left for years. Make sure to keep it away from moisture, if not the moss can revive.

What are the uses of preserved moss?

Preserved moss is great for indoor decorations. Because the moss is dead, it does not need water or light and survives well in indoor environments. 

Preserved moss needs very low maintenance so it is preferred over living moss for design purposes.

Preserved moss walls are commonly seen in interior designs. Preserved moss is also used for small art and craft projects.

Can you eat moss?

You can eat moss. However, it must be eaten only for survival conditions. Moss doesn’t taste great and raw moss can cause stomachache and diarrhea. If you need to eat moss, always boil it before eating.

How to prepare moss for consumption?

Eat only fresh, green moss. Clean the moss to remove any brown parts and debris.

  • Grind the fresh moss into a green paste.
  • Gently boil the paste. Boiling will make moss a bit more appealing to eat. Boiling will also destroy some bacteria that can make you sick.

What are the tips for preserving moss?

  • Choose the preservation method depending on your use of moss. If you need moss for decoration, preserve it using glycerin and methyl hydrate. If you need moss to revive again, simply dry it.
  • Clean the moss well before preserving it.
  • Make sure that moss is completely dry before you store it in bags. Moisture can cause fungus to grow on the moss.
  • Direct sunlight will eventually reduce the color of preserved moss. If you are planning to keep the moss in sunlight, always color it during preservation.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “how to preserve moss”, and discussed the different methods used to preserve moss.

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