How To Preserve Honey

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How to preserve honey ?”, and discuss the different methods of preserving honey and the potential implications of preserving honey.

How To Preserve Honey

You can store honey with simple methods used. Such as since storing honey is a straightforward process. To keep honey fresh, all one has to do is find an appropriate container in which to store the honey and to keep this container in a cool, dry place. If one wants to store honey for long-term use, it can be frozen and then thawed out later.

Following are the methods discussed in detail.

Storing Honey for Short Term  

  • Choose the right container: Honey can be stored in the container it originally came in. However, if the container is damaged or leaking, honey should be transferred to another container in the kitchen. 

Honey can be stored  in any of the following:

  • Plastic buckets or containers
  • Glass jars
  • Mason jars
  • Select a room with a consistent temperature: Honey is best stored between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 20 degrees Celsius). Variations in temperature can cause honey to darken and lose flavor. When storing honey, it must be taken care to choose a location within the right temperature range that is not prone to changes in temperature.

A kitchen pantry is generally a great place to store honey. However, it is necessary to keep honey away from the stove and out of the fridge. These places are prone to sudden changes in temperature.

  • Keep honey away from sunlight: Sunlight can also be a reason for damaging honey, so it’s best to keep honey in a darker place.

 Do not, for example, store honey on a window ledge. Honey can be easily stored in a pantry or cabinet.

  • Make sure containers are tightly sealed: This is required since one wants to minimize the amount of air exposure honey gets. It is of great need to make sure the jar or container used is tightly sealed before putting honey away for storage. 

Honey’s flavor can be affected by flavors in the air. Honey can also absorb moisture when overexposed to air. This can also cause it to change color and flavor.

Storing Honey Long TermTemperature variations

  • Select a container for your honey: If one is not going to use honey for a few months, it may crystalize. While this process is very much normal and can be reversible, it can be a hassle.

 To prevent crystallization, honey can be stored in the freezer. Needful is a container with a little extra room, as honey will expand some when frozen. If you just bought a jar of honey, you should need to use some of the honey or transfer it to a bigger container to make room in the jar.

Some people also like to use an ice tray to freeze honey. This way, when honey is needed, it can be thawed out one cube at a time. One can also freeze honey in an ice tray and then transfer the cubes to a plastic bag.

  • Put your honey in the freezer: Once the honey is being transferred to a chosen container, place it in the fridge. Honey can easily last a few years when stored in the freezer.

While honey lasts a long time in the freezer, it is useful to write down the date on frozen food items.

  • Thaw out the honey when you want to use it: Thawing out honey is simple.
  •  Simply leave it in an airtight container.
  • Allow it to gradually thaw out at room temperature.
  • Do not attempt to speed up the process of thawing out honey.

Avoiding Mishaps

  • Fix honey that has crystalized:  Honey can last for years, and natural honey can theoretically last indefinitely.

However, honey may start to crystalize after a while. One does not need to throw away crystallized honey. They can bring the honey back to its liquid state with boiling water.

  • First, bring a pot of water to a boil.
  •  Then, set your jar of honey into the pot.
  •  Keep the container tightly sealed.
  • Turn off the heat on your stove.
  •  Leave the honey container alone until it’s cool.
  •  The honey should have returned to its liquid state.
  • Keep honey away from warmer areas in the kitchen: For many people, honey is stored in the kitchen. This is the most convenient place to store honey. It’ll be on hand when one needs to use it. 

However, it should be kept away from warmer parts of your kitchen. Excessive heat can harm honey. Do not store honey near an oven, for instance.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to preserve honey?”, and discussed the different methods of preserving honey and the potential implications of preserving honey.

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