How to preserve ginger

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve ginger’’. This article will also discuss how to use preserved ginger and the shelf life of preserved ginger. 

How to preserve ginger?

You can pickle, ferment or freeze ginger at home to preserve it and use ginger for a long time. If leftover chunks of ginger are not preserved they can get moldy in no time and will go to waste.  To avoid this, learn how to preserve ginger!

Freeze ginger chunks to preserve them

Freezing ginger chunks is probably the quickest way you can preserve them. To freeze these, you don’t have to peel them. Simply cut the ginger into small chunks which you can place on a tray and freeze. Once frozen, make sure to transfer the cubes into airtight bags. 

It is better if you freeze them initially on a tray, because then the ginger chunks won’t clump together. 

Soaking ginger in brandy to preserve it

If you love making cocktails, then preserving ginger in brandy will give you a great flavor. Peel and cut the ginger rhizome into small chunks and keep them in a jar. Pour some brandy over the chunks, making sure that the chunks are entirely covered with brandy. Close and keep inside the fridge. 

You can use ginger in cocktails and in sauces, the flavor of ginger really comes through when it is cooked. 

Pickled ginger 

You can pickle ginger by simply peeling and cutting the rhizome into small strips and submerging them in olive oil or a vinegar solution. This pickle is very famous and used with many diverse dishes or enjoyed raw with salads. 

It will be ready to eat after a few hours and can last for about a year if stored properly. Just make sure that as you use ginger strips, no strips should be left dry and not merged in oil. 

Make ginger soda to preserve ginger

You can make a fun ginger soda to preserve ginger. Peel and cut ginger into big chunks and add into a juice of your choice. It turns the juices into healthy fermented sodas. This fermentation technique increases its shelf life and also is very healthy as it is used as a probiotic drink. 

Dry ginger 

Ginger is dried to crush it so it can later be used in chutneys or to cook in several dishes. Cut and peel ginger into small pieces and lay them on oven friendly parchment paper. Keep it in the oven for about 2 hours after which the small pieces will be completely dried out.

You can crush it and use it in drinks or home cooked foods. 

Benefits of ginger in brandy 

A benefit of adding ginger in brandy to preserve it, is that the normal texture of ginger remains intact and it does not shrivel. The taste is also very strong and you can even smell the aroma mixed with booze. 

Prep time also reduces because you don’t have to peel it, you can just use it while you are cooking food. 

When to freeze ginger?

You must freeze ginger once you peel it. If the preservation technique includes peeling and slicing it, then the airtight jar should be stored at a low temperature. This protects the ginger from discoloration or simply delays the process. 

It will stay fresh for about 3 weeks in the fridge, given that there is no moisture and it is stored properly. 

It is better not to peel ginger 

It is better to not peel ginger until you want to use it. This rhizome will be fresh even if you store it without peeling.This uncut and unpeeled ginger can stay outside at room temperature for about two days. Peeling it exposes it to air, moisture and can ruin its texture if kept outside for a very long time. 

How long can ginger stay in the freezer?

Ginger can stay inside the freezer for an indefinite period of time. Whether you mince it or cut into small chunks, place it in airtight containers or bags and freeze them.

Defrosting changes texture 

To use frozen ginger, you must wait for it to defrost. Defrosting changes the texture a bit but the ginger does not lose its firmness entirely. It can still be cut and used to cook although it is preferred that you should use fresh or pickled ginger in salads. 


In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve ginger’’. This article also discussed how to use preserved ginger and the shelf life of preserved ginger. 


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