How to preserve flowers

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve flowers’’. This article will also discuss the reasons why flowers are preserved and how to store them for different purposes. 

How to preserve flowers?

Flowers can be preserved by microwaving them or with sand or by pressing them in a book. You can choose a method depending upon the type of flower you are pressing and also the time you want it to last for. 

  1. Preserving flowers by using a microwave 

You can preserve flowers by using a silica gel inside your microwave. The silica gel holds the petal in place while making sure that their shape is maintained and the flowers don’t lose their natural color or look. 

Microwaving is a cheap process and will be done in no time but this could lead to flowers being brittle which is why the whole process needs a lot of attention and care. 

  1. With the help of sand 

If you want to preserve hardy flowers, sand would be the best choice. Cover the flower with sand completely in a container and leave it there for a week or two. When you remove the sand, you will notice the preserved flower petals. 

Using sand can be a bit messy and time consuming as sand takes some time to completely soak the moisture out of the flowers.

  1. Pressing flowers to preserve them

This is an old way of pressing flowers which has time and again proved to be effective. Remove unwanted stems from your flower before pressing it. After that gently place the flower inside a book in such a way that it gets enough weight to be pressed. 

If you decide to press flowers in a book, make sure that you don’t crush the flowers by putting too much weight or putting dried flowers inside the book that will lead to cracks or even make crumbles of the flower. 

  1. Air drying flowers

Air drying flowers might be the easiest way to preserve them. Simply tie the stems of the flowers and hang them upside down in a place which does not receive much sunlight. The dark and cool environment will take about 3 weeks to preserve the flowers.

Although after drying, the flowers become extremely brittle and need to be transported very carefully. Even a quick movement could tear the petals and ruin flowers for you. 

Using resin to preserve flowers 

The above mentioned methods of preserving flowers are rather easy and don’t require any such material. However, epoxy resin can be used to preserve flowers in excellent quality but it could be a little tricky if you are doing it for the first time. 

You will still need to dry the flower using any of the methods mentioned above. After drying the flower petals, you need to put resin and catalyst according to the requirement. You can either dip the petals inside the resin or can use silicone holders to give it the desired shape. It dries quickly in about 5 minutes and comes out very neat. 

An advantage of resin is that you can choose the shape or design you want the flower petals to be in. It makes the preserved flowers very flexible to use. 

What to do with preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are mostly kept as a memory, stored in a notebook or somewhere you can keep it close. Not just this but you can also make jewelry out of preserved flowers to wear them for an even longer time. 

Can you freeze flowers?

Yes, you can freeze flowers to preserve them which is a rather uncommon but unique method that you can definitely try out. This process is complicated and could be a bit more expensive as compared to the other methods. 

Keep in mind that you can’t freeze flowers to preserve them at home. You will have to contact your florist or a local company that will freeze the flowers for you. The advantage of freezing flowers is that the color of the flowers will remain the same for a long time as well as the physical condition of the flower. 

What type of flowers should be preserved 

It is recommended to preserve flowers that are still in their budding form or the ones that have already bloomed. If the flowers are too thick such as roses or tulips, the preserving process might not be very successful. 

If you still want to preserve thick flowers, try splitting them from the center. You can place them in between a parchment paper and let the moisture dry so you can preserve them. 


In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve flowers’’. This article also discussed the reasons why flowers are preserved and how to store them for different purposes. 


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