How To Preserve Eucalyptus (3 ways)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How to preserve eucalyptus?”, and discuss the different methods of preserving eucalyptus and the potential implications of preserving eucalyptus.

How To Preserve Eucalyptus

You can preserve eucalyptus by segregating the right kind of branches and leaves, going through treatment, and finally storing them. This is because eucalyptus is a hearty, fragrant plant that is often reserved for use in floral arrangements, wreaths, and decorations. This involves collecting the eucalyptus branches to preserve, placing them in a mixture of water and vegetable glycerin. Finally, allow the branches to absorb the solution for a few weeks, then remove them and hang them to dry. This is how eucalyptus branches will be ready for use or display.

Cutting Eucalyptus Branch

Collect eucalyptus when it is in peak condition. To ensure preserving only the finest eucalyptus, it is suggested to harvest the branches when they are at their healthiest. This will reduce the time and effort needed to spend pruning the branches later.Identify the species of eucalyptus required to preserve and check a botanical reference guide. Use the best judgment and preference to determine the right harvest time.

Do not collect eucalyptus plants when they are damp. It is told to avoid collecting plants right after it rains, or early in the morning when they might have dew on them. The best way is to collect eucalyptus after several days of dry weather.Collecting damp plants could encourage mold growth and will make it harder for the plant to circulate glycerin. 

Do not collect plants that are damaged. Don’t choose the eucalyptus plants whose flowers are brown or drooping. Healthy eucalyptus flowers are generally white, pink, or red. Healthy eucalyptus leaves are the ones which are free of holes and have an even green color.

Treating the Eucalyptus Plant 

Create a preservation solution. To preserve eucalyptus, mix a solution of one part glycerin with two parts water. Heat the mixture to boiling or near-boiling.You can obtain glycerin at your local arts and crafts shop or big box store.

Place the eucalyptus in the preservation solution. Once glycerin and water solution is ready, pour the mixture into a stable, wide-bottomed vase. Place the eucalyptus branches with the cut end of the stem in the liquid.To help your eucalyptus branches absorb the preservation solution more quickly, slice the bases of the stems a bit, or smash them once or twice with a hammer.

Place your eucalyptus branches in a cool environment. The vase containing the eucalyptus should be put somewhere with moderate humidity and a temperature of 16 to 24 degrees Celsius. It is preferred to keep the branches out of direct sunlight as they absorb the preservation solution.

Refill the liquid in the vase as needed, since some will evaporate over time.

Finalizing the Process 

Give your eucalyptus plant sufficient time to absorb the solution. The eucalyptus branches generally have been seen to be needing about four weeks in the preservation solution. However, the exact amount of time necessary for the eucalyptus branches to fully absorb the glycerin ranges from about three days to six weeks, depending on the size of your branches.Larger branches are seen to  take longer to absorb the glycerin than the shorter branches.

Look for black or gold leaves. Once the eucalyptus is placed in a proper location, it will take time for the branches to absorb the solution. Plants that are ready to be removed from the glycerin solution will change color to black or gold, depending on the species. Once all the leaves change color, the plant is said to be ready to be removed.

Remove the eucalyptus branches from the vase. It is suggested to cut the stems of the branches up to the point where they were covered by the preservation solution. Then wipe away any excess liquid that might remain on the stems

If one plans on preserving more eucalyptus or other plants in the near future, it is a better option to refrigerate the preservation solution and use it again. Otherwise, discard it.

Dry the eucalyptus plant. Lay the eucalyptus branches in a warm, sunny, dry location which has good air circulation. After about three to five days, hang the eucalyptus branches upside down by their stems in a warm, dry, darkroom. After two to three weeks, the eucalyptus plants are ready to be used.If eucalyptus branches are not to be used immediately,  they should be stored in a dry, cool, dark area.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to preserve eucalyptus?”, and discussed the different methods of preserving eucalyptus and the potential implications of preserving eucalyptus.

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