How to preserve bread

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve bread’’. This article will also discuss the benefits of preserving bread and how preserving increases its shelf life. 

How to preserve bread?

You can preserve bread in paper, by freezing it or by using bread boxes which help store bread for a long time. Bread is used as a side or main dish with so many different types available. Unfortunately, bread does not have a very long shelf life which is why it is important to know how to preserve it. 

Freeze your loaf of bread to preserve it

Freezing bread is the easiest way to preserve bread, and you can keep it in the freeze for a long time as well. To freeze bread, you can either freeze whole bread or cut it into slices, you should wrap it in a plastic sheet tightly. If you decide to cut slices, place a plastic sheet between the slices so you can take out one easily. 

How to freeze a whole loaf of bread 

If you are planning on freezing a whole loaf, first allow it to cool down after baking it. After it cools down, use a plastic wrap to wrap it completely and put it in a zipper bag. You should press the zipper bag to eliminate as much air as possible. 

Stick this zipper bag in the freezer now and take it out to defrost it when you need bread. 

Defrosting frozen bread 

To use a whole frozen loaf, place it inside the fridge overnight so it can defrost. Make sure that you keep it in the fridge, because it might get soggy outside at room temperature. It is important to completely unwrap the bread when it defrosts so that moisture is not trapped inside. 

Use paper instead of plastic when keeping bread at room temperature

If you consume bread within 2 or 3 days and store it on the counter, then you should use paper to wrap it instead of plastic. Wrapping it in plastic can lead to moisture being trapped inside it which is why paper is the best option. Paper will keep the loaf dry and also keep the bread fresh for a longer time. 

Use a bread box to preserve your bread!

Bread boxes are an excellent way to preserve bread, as it is low maintenance and you don’t have to do any work but just place the bread inside the box. These boxes have small holes in them which allows air to circulate, hence, keeping the bread fresh and crispy. It prevents any moisture from air getting in the bread, does not let the bread get soggy or moldy.

Buy reusable bread bags

Reusable bread bags are a very eco-friendly way to store bread. You can take them with you when you go to buy bread, and keep the bread in it or toss it inside the fridge to store it. These bags can be washed and work great inside the freezer as well. 

The way they keep bread fresh is because of their breathable material, allowing fresh air to reach inside and preventing moisture from being trapped inside. 

Why you should not refrigerate homemade bread 

If you make bread at home, then storing it inside the refrigerator is not the best idea. Unlike the store bought breads which have preservatives in them, homemade bread only has fresh ingredients. Keeping homemade bread inside the fridge speeds up the staling process.

Instead, you should use a bread box or wrap it in paper if you want to preserve it. It is important to know the ingredients of your beard as all types of bread do not have the same staling time. 

How to know the shelf life of bread 

The shelf life of bread very much depends on whether you are using eggs in it or not. It is also dependent on the type of flour used. The store bought breads have a best by date written on them with the list of ingredients.  

Spring bread at the top of the fridge is a bad idea!

If you store your fridge at the top of the fridge then you need to stop immediately. Even though it is a high place where you ants or other pests don’t have access to, the top of the fridge is a very warm place. The warmth coming from the fridge will allow the moisture in the bread to turn moldy.

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In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve bread’’. This article also discussed the benefits of preserving bread and how preserving increases its shelf life. 


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