How to preserve avocado

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve avocado’’. This article will also discuss how to use preserved avocados and the shelf life of these avocados. 

How to preserve avocados?

You can preserve excess avocados by freezing or pickling them. These are the easiest and most efficient methods of making those excess avocados last for a longer time without going bad. Preserving them will save the avocados from discoloration, bad taste or a nasty smell which is a sign that the avocados have gone bad. 

Make an avocado puree to preserve them!

This is one of the best ways to preserve avocados, mashing them to prevent browning and the mix with lemon juice. The acidic lime prevents the avocado from going bad while the mashed form can be used in multiple dishes. 

To make avocado puree, you should first take out the pit of the fruit and scoop out the light green flesh using a spoon. Use a mixer to blend the avocado flesh with some lime juice that provides just the right amount of acidity to enhance its flavor. You can spread it on butter paper to store it!

There are many ways you can use this puree, for example an avocado soup. If you want to put it on your toast then leave it outside for a while to defrost and directly spread on toast to enjoy it. Avocado puree is an excellent meal for babies as it is full of proteins. 

Pickling avocados to preserve them 

Pickling avocado is an unexpected way of preserving them but it is a game changer if you try it. Pickling avocados in a vinegar and salt solution makes them last for a very long time and you can enjoy them on burgers, salads or with any dish that you want!

To pickle avocados, make sure that you take firm avocados which are ripped and dip them in vinegar and salt solution. Peel and cut the avocados in a bowl and add salt, sugar and vinegar. Make sure that you keep mixing the avocados until the salt and sugar are mixed completely. 

Shelf life of pickled avocados 

Pickled avocados can stay good to use for about two weeks, the vinegar and salt covering the fruit protects it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Cover the avocados and store them in an air-tight container before you toss them in the freezer or fridge. 

Freezing avocados to preserve them

Freeze avocados if you want to store them for months. The avocados should be peeled and cut into squares that can be sealed in an airtight bag to store in the freezer. The frozen avocados should be left outside for about a day to make sure that they are completely defrost. 

To defrost them, you can also pour some water over the avocados and then leave them outside for a few hours. An important thing to know here is that thawed avocado does not have the texture of a fresh avocado. There might be a slight change in the taste as well. 

You can use these frozen avocados in guacamole or maybe add a little lime to enhance the flavor of the fruit.  

Which avocados to buy?

When you are out to buy avocados, you must know how to choose the right ones. Avocados ripe after they are picked, so the fresh avocados are very firm just like stones. Focus on the texture of the avocados when you buy them, there should be no blemishes on these avocados.

Pick them in your hand and feel the surface. If it is a little soft then that should be even throughout the avocado and not just soft at some areas. Old avocados have a loose pit so if you shake them you can feel it moving. 

How to store a half cut avocado?

If you have a leftover avocado, simply sprinkle some salt over it along with some lime juice. Leave the pit of the avocado as it will reduce the surface area that is exposed to air. This lessens the chances of your avocado turning brown. 

Wrap it in a plastic film

Once you have covered the avocado with lime and salt, take a plastic film to cover the avocado tightly. This won’t completely stop the avocado from going brown but will limit it to a great extent. This way, you can remove the plastic wrap and cut off a thin slice of the brown area to enjoy your fruit. 


In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve avocado’’. This article also discussed how to use preserved avocados and the shelf life of these avocados.


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