How to preserve aloe vera gel

In this brief article we will answer ‘’How to preserve aloe vera gel’’. This article will also discuss how effective aloe vera gel is for multiple purposes and the benefits of preserving aloe vera gel. 

How to preserve aloe vera gel?

You can preserve aloe vera gel by freezing it, refrigerating it and keeping it in an airtight container at all times. Aloe vera gel is used not only for skin issues but on the scalp as well. To fully get all the benefits it has to offer, it is important to know how to preserve it to increase its shelf life. 

Freeze aloe vera gel to preserve it 

To preserve the aloe vera gel, remove the green exterior to scoop out the gel. This gel should be then blended and strained. This way, you will get fresh aloe gel which you can then transfer into silicone ice cube trays. 

After the gel is frozen, transfer the cubes to an airtight container. The cubes will remain fresh and safe to use for up to eight months. Make sure that you give the gel enough time to defrost if you want to use it in liquid form, however, don’t try to defrost it in the microwave. 

Mix your aloe gel with honey

To preserve aloe gel for up to 3 years, you can add a little honey in the paste. It truly acts like a magical ingredient and increases the shelf life of the gel. Honey is a natural antimicrobial agent that is why it keeps the gel safe for such a long time. Keep it safe inside the refrigerator at all times. 

This mixture can be used on skin to enhance skin brightness and also the honey added will taste great if you add it in smoothies. It will give you the extra protein and antioxidants needed. Also, using raw aloe gel often leads to wasting a lot of the gel because you can’t use it all at one time.

This is why honey is a great way to increase the benefits of the gel and simultaneously increase its shelf life too. 

Vitamin C is also used as a preservative 

Vitamin C is mixed with aloe gel as a preservative which keeps the gel fresh for a whole month. Simply add crushed vitamin C tablets in the mixer when you are blending the aloe vera gel. This mixture should be kept safe in an airtight container inside the refrigerator. 

What is the shelf life of fresh aloe vera gel

The shelf life of fresh aloe vera gel is about a day. As soon as you scoop out the gel from the leaf, it is imperative that you refrigerate it or freeze it. The gel will soon lose its color and start getting moldy if it is kept at room temperature for more than a day and sometimes even before that. 

How to store aloe vera gel

If you buy aloe vera gel from the market instead of getting fresh one, make sure that you keep the bottle in a dry place such as in your pantry which does not invite any moisture. Sunlight increases the chances of discoloration and mold formation. 

Store whole aloe leaves in your freezer!

Once you remove whole aloe leaves and want to store them, keep them in your freezer immediately. You will be able to use it for weeks if kept refrigerated. Generally, aloe leaves start going bad after a day. You will see browning and an off smell if kept outside for too long. Frozen aloe leaves last for about eight months.

Use a damp towel to keep the leaves fresh 

If you store aloe leaves in your fridge, wrap them up in a moist towel that is very slightly damp. The leaves will not dry out this way and you will see that they are still fresh even after 2 days. If you store the leaves this way, they will be good to use for a whole week. 

The moist towel should basically cover the cut end of the leaf. This is the area which gets dry and causes the plant leaf to wither and lose its firm texture. 

How is aloe vera gel used?

Aloe vera gel is mostly used to treat a lot of skin conditions such as acne and even sun burns. The healing, soothing and cooling qualities of this gel has made it a breakthrough product. It is also used for dental problems, to heal sore gums as well. 


In this brief article we answered ‘’How to preserve aloe vera gel’’. This article also discussed how effective aloe vera gel is for multiple purposes and the benefits of preserving aloe vera gel.


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