How to preserve a rose

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve a rose’’. You will also read about the different ways to preserve a rose and what are the benefits of preserving roses. 

How to preserve a rose?

Roses can be preserved in a microwave or simply air dried to preserve them. The methods require patience and time if you want to also preserve the memories associated with a flower. You can easily perform these methods at home to preserve the precious roses you own 

  1. Preserve roses using a microwave 

You can dry your roses in a microwave but only the ones which have a short stem or the blooms only so they fit inside the microwave. Use a grease paper to  place the flower on and set your microwave to the lowest setting so the flowers don’t get burned.

  1. Air drying roses might be the easiest way to preserve them

This is the easiest method because it doesn’t require any other thing except the flowers. You can leave the flowers in a vase for a few days, emptying the water from it so the roses can dry. 

You can also do it just the way laundry is dried, place the roses upside down and make sure that there is no water in between the petals. Facing them upside down helps in maintaining the shape of the petals. 

Leave the flower to dry for about 2 to 3 weeks in a dark and dry room, avoid sunlight at any cost since it will whither the petals and make them brittle and easily break. After they have dried up, remove them from the hanging string and spray water on the petals to make them look alive. 

  1. Using silica gel to preserve roses 

Silica gel is another great way to store your roses if you don’t want the color to fade or the texture to become brittle. They keep the roses in a very good quality and the resin is easily available. 

Place the flower petals in a container which you can fill with silica gel. It won’t take a lot for the gel to solidify until you can open the jar to uncover the flowers. Make sure that you cover the jars with airtight lids.

Depending on the quantity of roses and whether you want to preserve petals or a whole bouquet, the quantity of silica gel required will vary. 

  1. Pressing the flowers to preserve them

Pressing flowers in a book will give you dry flowers which you can keep in a jar or a book for months.To press flowers, place a wax sheet inside a thick book which will apply just enough pressure. Open the book after a month to check the flowers, which will be dehydrated and dried up till then. 

How to prepare roses before drying them 

Roses can become brittle very easily which is why it is important to keep them away from sunlight if you want to preserve them. Select roses which are not already decayed or have their leaves falling off. 

If you plan to get roses from a garden then pick them in the morning when they don’t have any moisture on them. Morning dew can make the petals fall off very easily or become fragile. Also remove all of the leaves before drying them because leaves don’t dry the same way as do the roses. 

How to improve the quality of dried roses 

You can improve the quality of dried roses by steaming them. If your roses have dried but don’t look very fresh then steaming can help give them a new look. Steaming can damage the dried petals if not done carefully. 

Place it on top of the container you are giving it steam and remove after a few seconds. Rearrange the petals after the steam very carefully and repeat the process very gently unless the desired look is achieved. 

Can you freeze roses to preserve them?

Yes you can freeze roses to preserve them, but this process requires high quality freezers so it can’t be done at home. Freezing is done very professionally as it could damage the petals and break them. An advantage of freezing roses is that it will maintain the color of the rose. 

To conclude, preserving roses is a very calming process which will make you relive the happy memories. If you love flowers and also want to keep them for a longer time then this is a perfect way to increase their shelf life. 


In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve a rose’’. You  also read about the different ways to preserve a rose and what are the benefits of preserving roses. 


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