How to preserve a moose 

In this brief article, we will answer ‘’How to preserve a moose’. This article will also discuss the proper way to store this meat and the shelf life of moose meat. 

How to preserve a moose?

To preserve this meat, you can let it dry in the sun, cure it with salt or smoke the meat to remove moisture from it. The main idea behind preserving meat is to get rid of the moisture which invites bacteria to grow. If you have surplus meat and don’t know how to store it properly, then here are some ways you can preserve it.

Salt the meat to preserve it

If you want to preserve the meat by salt, you can either make a brine solution or simply rub salt on the surface of the meat. If you choose to make a brine solution, then prepare your meat first by cutting it into lean strips. 

Brine solution

Dip these strips, which are about an inch thick, into the brine solution. Let the strips sit in the brine solution for about five to six minutes before you take them out and allow them to drain. Now you have to let the strips dry which will take about 3 days. 

Another way of drying the meat is to use a smoker which will get the job done in about a day.

Rubbing salt

If you are just applying salt, then it will take about 4 to 5 days because it will take some time for the meat to dry. You can also add other spices to the salt if you want to increase the flavour of the meat. If the meat has a bone, then you need to add an extra 2 days for the salt curing so that it can reach the bone too.

Smoking meat 

Smoking meat is a great option to completely remove the moisture from meat and preserve it. Smoking meat is a time consuming process, and you need to buy softwood and hardwood for the smoking process. This method does not involve salting the meat with different spices. 

Create a canopy to trap smoke

Once the fire starts, you need a canopy surrounding the fire which will allow the smoke to get trapped in that space. If you buy hardwood for this process, the flavor of your moose meat will enhance. Smoking does not cook the meat but instead dehydrates the meat to preserve it.

You can also combine the above two processes, curing the meat followed by smoking it. This will give it a very nice flavor. Keep in mind that these processes take time because you are working with meat. 

How does salt preserve moose meat?

Increasing the concentration of salt decreases the chances of bacteria growing on meat. Salt is also famous for decreasing the chances of Clostridium bacteria which causes botulism. This is why dipping meat in brine solution is a very effective process as it is highly possible to get botulism from meat which is not properly preserved. 

The nitrites and nitrates present in this salt changes the color of the meat and acts like a preservative.

How to prepare meat for preservation 

Bacteria and other microorganisms thrive at low temperatures which is why the first concern should be to keep the meat inside the freezer or fridge. If you keep it at room temperature, moldy growths will be visible in no time or you can tell by the bad odour it will give. 

Another way to quickly prepare the meat is to cut it into shorter pieces instead of huge chunks. This will reduce the heat and also smaller pieces will get cooler faster as compared to a big piece.

Pack the meat in storage bags which are airtight, keep them in the freezer. These bags will save the meat from any moisture being trapped inside. Start preserving the meat as soon as possible.

Shelf life of moose meat 

If you refrigerate the meat without preserving it, then it will be safe for about 5 days but not more than that. If you freeze the meat, then it can stay good for around a year but if it is ground meat then it will be fresh for 3 months only.


In this brief article, we answered ‘’How to preserve a moose’’. This article also discussed the proper way to store this meat and the shelf life of moose meat.


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