How to preserve 2 liters of soda

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question, “how to preserve 2 liters of soda”, and discuss the different methods used to preserve 2 liters of soda.

How to preserve 2 liters of soda

To preserve 2 liters of soda:

  • Preserving unopened soda: Keep the unopened soda bottles away from sunlight, in a cool dark place
  • Opened soda bottles: Refrigerate soon after opening

Soda is simply a carbonated soft drink with additional ingredients like sweeteners, flavoring, and sometimes caffeine. A 2-liter plastic bottle is a common packaging for many types of soda. 

How to preserve 2 liters of unopened soda

Unopened soda is shelf-stable and can be preserved by storing it in the correct conditions. The storage conditions depend on the type of packaging on the soda. 

  • Soda cans: Soda cans can be stored on a shelf or a pantry where the temperature doesn’t get too high. 
  • Plastic soda bottles: 2-liter sodas are always sold in plastic bottles. Plastic soda bottles must be kept away from sunlight. You can keep them inside a cabinet or in another cool, dark place. 
  • Glass soda bottles: Glass soda bottles are breakable and damage easily. They must also be kept away from sunlight. A lower shelf inside a cupboard is perfect for storing glass soda bottles.

Some soda bottles are kept in chilled conditions in the store. If you purchase a chilled soda bottle, always store it in the fridge. When soda is stored in a fridge and then kept at room temperature, the quality will reduce and there will be changes in flavor.

How to preserve 2 liters of opened soda

Open soda must be refrigerated. There is no better way to preserve it. Soda is a carbonated drink and after the bottle is opened the carbon dioxide gas will start to escape. This will make the soda lose its fizziness and taste stale.

After opening a soda bottle, close it as soon as possible. Use the same lid to close it as it will be a good fit and prevent the soda from spilling. 

If an opened soda bottle is kept at room temperature, it will be good to drink for 2-3 hours. After that, the soda will be completely tasteless.

Make sure not to move around opened soda bottles too much. This will allow the carbon dioxide gas to escape and the drink will lose its fizziness.

How to preserve opened soda without a fridge

Sometimes you will not have access to a fridge to store your opened 2-liter soda bottle. Here are a few alternatives to preserve your soda:

  • Store the soda bottles in a cooler.
  • Cover the soda bottles with a wet cloth. The wet cloth will prevent the outside heat from damaging the drink. It will also protect the soda from sunlight.
  • If you are traveling and do not have access to a fridge, store the opened soda bottles in an insulated container with an ice pack.
  • Place the soda bottles in cool water. This can be a pond or brook if you are traveling.
  • Store the soda in the coolest place available. This can be a cool cupboard, basement, or cellar. 

What are the tips for preserving 2 liters of soda

  • Stored unopened bottles in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Once opened, close the bottle as soon as possible. This will prevent more carbon dioxide gas from escaping.
  • Always refrigerate opened soda bottles as soon as possible. If you don’t have access to a fridge, use one of the alternative methods we discussed.
  • Try to use opened soda bottles soon. They will lose flavor, the longer they are stored in the fridge.
  • The best temperature to store opened soda is between 1°C to 10°C. 

How to know if soda has gone bad

Soda doesn’t usually expire and you can drink soda long after its best by date. This means that you can drink soda even after the best date without getting sick. The only downside of expired soda is that it will taste stale.

  • Rusted soda cans: If your soda is in cans, the condition of the cans will indicate the condition of the soda. Don’t drink soda from rusted cans. It can be harmful to health even if the soda is not expired.
  • Bulging bottles and cans: Soda cans and plastic soda bottles will sometimes bulge. This happens when the soda is stored at a warm temperature. The carbon dioxide gas expands due to heat and causes bulging. As long as there is no off smell or taste, you can drink soda from bulging cans or bottles.

If you have too much soda to preserve try using it in one of these recipes. Yes, soda can be used for cooking as well.

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In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question, “how to preserve 2 liters of soda”, and discuss the different methods used to preserve 2 liters of soda.


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