how to pound chicken breasts without a mallet (+5 alternatives)

In this article, we will answer the question “how to pound chicken breasts without a mallet”, we will also discuss few substitutes of a mallet that are already available in the kitchen.

How to pound chicken breasts without a mallet?

In case you don’t have a mallet handy in the kitchen there are many other tools like a rolling pin, a heavy pan, cast iron skillet, cutting board, mortar, or a water bottle you can use as a substitute for a mallet.

There are times when you have all the ingredients to cook a meal but a single tool is missing. One such tool is a mallet used for pounding chicken breasts. The 5 alternatives of millet are given below

Use a plastic bag first

You can use any of the tools mentioned above but keep in mind not to use these tools directly on the meat. Instead, use a plastic bag preferably a plastic zip-lock bag. Also, remove as much air as possible and seal before you start pounding. 

Now you can use any of the tools mentioned, they just have to be heavy and have a flat surface.

Rolling pin

You must have used a rolling pin to roll and flatten a cookie dough or make a flatbread but this commonly available tool can be used to pound the chicken breast and flatten it.

A pan

A pan like a saucepan has a flat surface which is ideal for pounding the chicken breast evenly can be used as a substitute for a mallet. The handle of a saucepan makes it convenient to hold and pound the chicken breast. 

Cast iron skillet

This tool is also a good substitute for a millet because of its heavy weight. So if it is available in the kitchen go ahead and pound the chicken breasts real nice.

Cutting board

Some people call it a chopping board, a tool that is available in every kitchen that can also be used to pound the chicken breasts because of its flat surface and considerably heavyweight.


The mortar and pestle that are often used to manually grind spices and herbs can also be used for pounding the chicken breasts because a mortar is heavyweight and has a flat surface.

Water bottle

In case none of the above-mentioned tools are available don’t worry, fill your water bottle with water and use that to pound the chicken breasts because all you need is heavyweight and a considerable flat surface.

Why pound the chicken breasts?

Cooking the chicken breasts is pretty easy but to get the chicken to be moist and tender is challenging. So the purpose of pounding the chicken breasts is to make the chicken soft and tender. 

Also when you don’t pound the chicken and cook the uneven pieces of it, the chicken gets cooked unevenly. 

Some pieces may get cooked way before the other and you may end up having chicken pieces that are either undercooked or overcooked. So it is always best to pound the chicken, get it tenderized and even in its thickness so you can enjoy a tasty meal.

If you have enough time you can also soak the chicken in milk or buttermilk overnight. The lactic acid in the dairy products helps tenderize the chicken, after this step you can also pound the chicken the next day.

Benefits of eating chicken breasts

Chicken breasts are not just tasty food, they have a high nutritional value. The breast part of the chicken is a great source of lean meat. Lean meat is rich in amino acids and amino acids are important for muscle growth and development. 

It also helps in maintaining bone density. It is rich in protein and does not have any fat in it. It is also rich in vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, tryptophan, and trace amounts of Vitamin A and C.

Nutrients per serving

The world is getting more and more conscious about health. It is always good to know the nutritional value of the food you consume and avoid eating food that has empty calories and eat the highly nutritious ones.

A single chicken breast fillet  typically contains

Calories: 120

Protein: 26 grams

Fat: 2 grams

Carbohydrate, fat, sugar: 0 grams 

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Chicken breasts are one of the best sources of lean meat as they are rich in amino acids and vitamins. Cooling chicken breasts can be challenging sometimes and one of the ways to make it easy is to pound the chicken breasts to tenderize them. The summary of different ways to pound the chicken breasts without a millet is given below

  • Use a rolling pin
  • Use a pan
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Cutting board
  • Mortar
  • Water bottle.



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