How to peel hard boiled eggs without destroying egg?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to peel hardboiled eggs without destroying egg?” as well as tips to peel eggs and whether bicarbonate soda can be used to peel eggs.

How to peel hardboiled eggs without destroying egg?

Place the hardboiled eggs into cold water for 15 minutes to peel them. This would help in destroying the eggs. When the eggs cool in cold water, the egg whites would contract. This contraction would help in separating the egg whites from the membrane and it can be peeled easily.

What are the other tips to keep in mind before peeling eggs?

  • Older eggs can be peeled quickly. So if you have bought a fresh batch of eggs and also have aged eggs with you, opt to hard boil the aged eggs as this would save your time.

As eggs get aged, they dry up which can cause the expansion of the air pockets. This can help in separating the egg whites easily.

  • Steaming the eggs could be another technique that can be used to peel the eggs quickly. For this purpose, boil the water first. Lower a steaming basket along with eggs into the boiling water. 

Allow the eggs to steam for 25 minutes before removing them from the water. This would help in the expansion of the air membrane making it easier to peel the eggs.

  • You can also try placing the eggs in ice-cold water for a few minutes and then try peeling them.
  • Avoid overcooking the eggs as this would make them harder to peel them.
  • Use cold water to simmer or boil the eggs. This would prevent the eggs from overcooking and the shells from cracking.

You can also allow the cold water to come to a boil and then add the eggs directly into boiling water. This would help in loosening the air membrane quickly.

It is important to note though that after adding the eggs, it is vital to lower the heat to a simmer. This would ensure that your egg whites become tender and not rubbery. You can try adjusting the simmer settings to ensure that the egg gets cooked well.

  • Cool the eggs immediately after they have boiled. This helps ease the peeling process. It also helps reduce the occurrence of greenish-grey discoloration on the eggs.
  • You can roll the eggs gently over your hands before you bash them. This helps in loosening the membrane of the eggs.
  • If you do not want to use up the eggs immediately, hard boil them and refrigerate them overnight in the fridge. The next day, you can try removing the peel off the eggs. The peel would come off easily.
  • While trying to cook hardboiled eggs, try not to overcrowd the pan with eggs. There should be enough water present to cook all the eggs and cool them afterward.
  • If you are afraid that your eggs might crack in boiling water, add ½ a tsp of white vinegar to the water. This would help in reducing the occurrences of the eggs cracking.

Can you use bicarbonate soda to peel eggs?

Yes, another technique to peel eggs is to use bicarbonate soda. For this first place the fresh eggs in a pan with cold water. Add ½ a tsp of bicarb soda to the water. Allow the water to boil. Drain the eggs and place them in another bowl.

Rinse the eggs under cold tap water to cool them. You can also place the eggs in cool water. Bash the eggs to break the shell. Slowly start peeling the eggs.

Why is it so hard to peel eggs?

Fresh egg whites are acidic in nature. This causes the egg whites to stick to the membrane making them harder to separate from the shell. 

From where should I start peeling my eggs?

Check to see whether your eggs have an air bubble. If it does, start peeling from the air bubble end. If your eggs do not have an air bubble, start peeling the egg from the pointy side.

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How to crack an eggshell?

You can try using a spoon to gently crack the eggshells. Some individuals try to roll the eggs against the counter. Another easiest way is to gently smash the eggs against a hard surface.

If you are using a spoon to crack the eggs, do so using the back of the spoon.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to peel hardboiled eggs without destroying egg?” as well as tips to peel eggs and whether bicarbonate soda can be used to peel eggs.