How to melt Hershey’s Chocolate? (5 methods)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘How to melt Hershey’s Chocolate?’. We will discuss five methods that can melt Hershey’s chocolate. The methods are easy but need to be practiced with caution to prevent the chocolate from going to waste.

How to melt Hershey’s Chocolate?

Just like with any other type of chocolate, there is a variety of ways, we can melt chocolate from the famed Hershey’s company.

Method 1- Microwave

The first method is not only the easiest one but the true and tested method as well. It involves a microwave, a knife, your chocolate, and a microwaveable bowl. 

Chop your chocolate into small chunks and place them into your bowl. Place your bowl into the microwave, and proceed to microwave it for a minute. Once that is done, remove your bowl and stir your half-melted concoction.

Place it back in the microwave and repeat the process, this time, microwave your chocolate in thirty-second increments. Keep stirring to make the melting process easier for the chocolate.

Do make sure to keep an eye on your chocolate even as it melts in the microwave. The main drawback to this method is that the chocolate can burn easily; if you’re not careful, and this is truer still for your Hershey’s white chocolate.

 Method 2- Double Boiler Method

The second method involves your stovetop. It’s commonly hailed as the ‘double boiler’ method.

As you can guess from the name, you have to chop up your chocolate into small pieces and place it into a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can be innovative and place a glass bowl over a container with water on the stove. Just make sure that the bowl isn’t touching the water — you want to avoid any risk of an explosion.

Watch your chocolate melt on the stove, making sure to keep stirring to help it melt faster. Ensure that your water is barely simmering as too much heat will lead to the risk of an explosion. As you stir your chocolate, use a heat-safe rubber spatula to scrape your Hershey’s chocolate off the edge of the bowl and into the middle of the warming mixture.

Once you are done; use a baker’s glove to remove the hot bowl, and then you may proceed to use the melted chocolate however you want.

Method 3- The Water Bath Method

The third method is commonly known as the ‘water bath’ method or the ‘hands-off’ method. It is a personal favorite of multi-taskers, as it can melt multiple types of chocolate at once. It’s like killing two or more birds with a single stone.

All you have to do is fill a slow cooker two-thirds of the way with water. Chop up your white, dark, and milk Hershey’s chocolate and pour the chunks into solid mason jars. Place the mason jars into the slow cooker, and step away.

In fifteen to thirty minutes, you are guaranteed to come back to lovely, aesthetically pleasing melted chocolate. You will have to be careful that the water doesn’t enter your jars — that is, unless you need seized chocolate.

Method 4- The Slow Cooker Method

The fourth method is named the slow cooker. It is useful for melting big batches of the same kind of chocolate. It is used before parties or big gatherings where the dessert involves chocolate drizzles.

Take a knife and start cutting your chocolate into small pieces. Place the batch of chopped-up chocolate directly into the slow cooker. Set the heat to high and cover your slow cooker, letting it cook for an hour. 

After it has cooked for an hour, set your cooker to low and cook for an additional fifteen minutes or until completely melted, making sure to have stirred every fifteen minutes to quicken the process.

You will have obtained some wonderful, gooey, gorgeously melted chocolate.

Method 5- The Sandwich Bag Method

The last and final method is called The Sandwich Bag method. 

It may seem complicated, but is quite the opposite. You need to chop up your blocks of chocolate as usual. Then place your cut-up chunks into a plastic bag which you must make sure to seal completely.

Fill a container with warm water. Place your plastic bag of chocolate chunks into it, and let it be. You will return to smooth melted chocolate.

You can use your melted Hershey’s chocolate for many foods. 

Chocolate is an essential component of countless desserts. It is drizzled over ice-creams and sundaes. Even if you have no urgent task with chocolate, melted chocolate is still a tasty snack.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘How to melt Hershey’s Chocolate?’. We discussed five methods that can melt Hershey’s chocolate and use it in plenty of versatile ways.

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