How to make tea in a coffee maker (+3 factors)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘How to make tea in a coffee maker?’. We look at ways how to make coffee in the French press versus the Drip Coffee machine. We also reflect on the reasons to avoid making tea in the espresso and the Moka top.

 How to make tea in a coffee maker?

You can make tea in a coffee maker just as conveniently as you make coffee. 

 The methods work with both tea bags and tea leaves.

The first thing to do before you proceed to brew tea in the coffee maker, clean the coffee maker as thoroughly as you can.

If you do not clean up the old coffee residues from the coffee maker, your tea will have a taste of the coffee residual.

How to clean the Coffee maker?

To thoroughly clean the coffee maker, you will need a cleaning agent such as vinegar and brew it in the coffee maker. First, dilute the vinegar and pour it into the coffeemaker. Let it brew for a few minutes to enable the cleaning action of the vinegar.

Throw out the vinegar from the coffee machine when done.

Use hot water to rinse off the vinegar from the vessel.

The process of brewing tea in a coffee maker is similar to that of coffee.

When you make tea in a coffee maker, it is recommended to increase the quantity of tea. Water passes quickly from the coffeemaker, so you need at least one tea bag for 6 to 8 ounces of water. 

To elaborate, fill your required amount of water in the carafe and then pour it into the coffee maker. After placing the coffee filter in the coffee maker basket, pour your loose tea leaves into the filter.

Alternatively, you could place your teabag in the carafe instead.

How to make tea using a French press?

If you use a French press to make tea, the process is easy with minimal clean-up. Just add either tea leaves or tea bags to the French press and pour in hot water. Cover the lid with the screen and filter fixed to the French Press.

Let the tea steep for the desired amount of time that is according to your preference. Tea steeping in a French press will take from 2 to 6 minutes. 

You can use the same French press to make both your tea and coffee but expect the taste to cross your beverages. Even you clean it repeatedly, the taste of either tea or coffee can linger. You can arrange two different French presses for tea and coffee.

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How to make tea using a Drip coffee machine?

A drip coffee machine can also prepare tea for you just as easily. Similar to the French press, just add loose leaves or teabag to the filter press. Add water to the reservoir and let the tea steep for the allotted period. Let the coffee drip into the carafe. 

A drip coffee machine is more convenient if you are making tea for a crowd. It works even better for iced tea. 

A few endnotes

When you make tea remember to cover it while it steeps, regardless of the container; you use for the steeping process. 

If you share a vessel to make both the coffee and tea drinks, expect some of the flavor to leach into the other beverage.

After the brewing is over, let the tea sit for two minutes to the tea condition for optimum tea flavor. Do not leave it for longer than 2 minutes though.

However, you need to steep only the amount of tea that you want to consume immediately. Leaving the tea for long can cause the tea to over-steep which causes bitterness. Similar to when coffee left for long becomes bitter, tea also releases compounds in excessive amounts making the tea unbearably bitter. 

Instead of tea bags, it is recommended that you use loose tea leaves. By doing so, you are using the coffee maker naturally, similar to brewing coffee.

Can you use espresso or Moka top to make tea?

If you have an espresso, using it to make tea is not a recommendation. Espresso brews to a high temperature, which would not work for most teas such as green and white tea. A high temperature will scald and ruin the tea for you. 

Also, the liquid passes through quite quickly in espresso. Tea, on the other hand, needs more time for the brewing to occur.

You can put the tea leaves or the teabags directly into the carafe. Some people advise against putting the tea leaves on the filter to avoid scalding the tea leaves and giving enough time for steeping to occur.

A Moka top or a percolator designed for coffee about a century ago; also reaches too high of a temperature to make tea. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘How to make tea in a coffee maker?’. We looked at ways how to make coffee in the French press versus the Drip Coffee machine. We also reflected on the reasons to avoid making tea in the espresso and the Moka top.