How to make rotten eggs fast?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “how to make rotten eggs fast?”  and other queries related to this topic.

How to make rotten eggs fast? 

It is very hard to make an egg rot because it takes a very long time for the egg to deteriorate. However the egg quality and the egg white texture might decrease or change if stored at room temperature for more than six months, but it will not rot.

If kept for a long time at room temperature, the content of the egg will shrink and will make a gelatinous material since water can evaporate through the shell pores. The remaining part will be filled with air but not with hydrogen sulfide.

The egg consists of different parts, but in general, it has a shell, egg white, and the yolk. The egg white is the part that signifies that the egg is bad. This part is mainly constituted of a protein which is known as ovalbumin. Ovalbumin contains a chemical compound, sulfur.

So, since the egg white contains sulfur once the egg is rotten a bad smell will be felt and smelt. The reason behind this bad smell is the conversion of sulfur to hydrogen sulfide which is a very dangerous gas if inhaled in large quantities. 

Moreover, one of the main reasons why an egg can not go bad easily is the presence of a protective film that coats the external part of the shell. This film blocks the pores in the egg shelf preventing bacteria from entering inside.

Along with the protective film that coats the outer part, the egg has different defense membranes and enzymes that protect it from microorganisms.

What are the signs of a rotten egg?

Intact eggs may not develop any sign of rottenness from the outside. However, once you crack the egg you might notice a change in the color and the texture of the egg white and egg yolk. Regarding the egg yolk, it might be discolored. Also, the egg white might appear cloudy.

Moreover, the more obvious sign is the bad smell of hydrogen sulfide which is a very dangerous gas. The development of this gas is accelerated at room temperature more than at a cooler temperature.

Why do rotten eggs float?

The floating test is one of the ways to check the quality and the freshness of your egg. Once your egg is rotten it will float and fresh eggs will sink to the bottom of the bowl or the glass. The reason behind it is that with time the air takes up the majority of the space inside the egg.

So, the density of an old egg will be less than the density of water that’s why it will float. However, the density of the fresh egg is higher than water, so here is the reason why it sits at the bottom of the bowl.

With time when the egg is stored at room temperature, the egg white starts to decompose and produce gasses. Moreover, the shell of the egg is porous which allows water to evaporate and the gas to escape through it. This water and gas loss affects the density of the egg.

What is the difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

There is no difference between brown and white eggs regarding their nutritional facts or their density. The main difference is in their color because the white eggs derive from the white hen or the one that has white feathers and the brown eggs from the brown hens with brown feathers.

So, both brown and white eggs have the same health benefits. So, both contain the same amount of omega 3 and calories. A medium-sized egg contains around 75 calories.

Moreover, eggs usually contain vitamin D, but the amount of this vitamin in eggs depends on the environment where the hen is being raised. The more the hen is exposed to sunlight the more the eggs will be high in vitamin D.

How to remove the rotten egg smell from your home?

Since hydrogen sulfide is the reason behind the bad smell of rotten eggs, the most effective method to remove this smell and odor is the usage of bleach. The chlorine in the bleach is responsible for the removal of hydrogen sulfide.

Moreover, the rotten egg smell does not only come from the bad and expired eggs but there are many reasons behind it. For example, the rotten egg smell might come from gas leakage or a problem in your draining pipes.

So, if you have one of those problems, call a professional to fix the problem, and after managing it make sure to clean the place.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “how to make rotten eggs fast?” and other queries related to this topic.


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